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    2 juin 2009, 2h24m

    This is for my own personal recordings.

    Circle Takes the Square/ b, By The End of Tonight, Faithealer @ Walter's on Washington Circle opened with new song from Ritual of Names, and about 5-6 As the Roots Undo songs-- with Interview in the Ruins as encore. I think I was very happy and euphoric from seeing one of my favorite bands since high school and this little wonderful bar. b is nowhere to be found...By the End of Tonight is, last I heard, looking for a drummer.

    Nile / Warbringer, The Faceless, Unexpect, Suicide Silence @ The Meridian This was a fun show, and as I recall, the acoustics were enough to wear it wasn't an overbearing wave of unidentifiable distortion. Nile mostly performed songs out of Ithyphallic.

    Opeth / High on Fire, Baroness @ Warehouse Live High on Fire sucked. Baroness mostly played songs from the Red Album-- and Opeth played only two songs from Watershed, and the rest from Damnation and other classic albums. Really good show-- acoustics were good. There was this one asshole which didn't shut up, especially in the toned-down acoustic part of Opeth songs--- we all ("we" as in, literally, everyone around him) wanted to kill him.

    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum / I am Mesmer, Invincible Czars @ Walter's on Washington Wonderful eclectic night. I am Mesmo was a Houston folk band (banjo, classical guitar, stand-up base, snare drum, etc), Invincible Czars jazz-influenced rock band from Austin, and the one and only, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Met band members....loved the show. Glad to be back to Walter's again for an intimate setting.

    Mayhem / Uncleansed, Withered, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation
    @ Numbers
    Acoustics were bad. I did not like Cattle's performance at all-- they sound much better recorded, and 'no tienen chiste' live. Mayhem had a great set up, with a cloud of mosquito cameramen prodding their stage ambient. Attila sung wonderfully, and kept the Satanic spirit well in between songs. The entire band looked and performed well. I was very happy going to the show. Marduk did not make it, sadly. I will probably not go back to Numbers again.

    Mono/ Forests @ Walter's
    This is by far, the show that I've met the most people; met most of the band members of Forests and hung out with someone from Forests, a local band, opened up-- they obviously had a heavy admiration of post-rock that you can hear it in their music, in delicate musical sensibilities and slow build-ups-- they played very well, except for perhaps the first song in which sounded a bit too choppy. Mono came up after them, playing a good solid hour or more. There was almost no delays in between songs, and all of them messed perfectly (especially near the end.) Despite having two minor characters (two members of the audience made of pure stupidity and alcohol), the atmosphere Mono created was by far, what I expected-- as one member of Forests put it, "you dissolve in the sound." That is very accurate. You can feel yourself sliding through the strings, or within the drums...then a note, hanging in the air...then a xylophone brings you back to earth, compliments the note. Their performance was flawless, I think, and I was very happy with both their musical performance, and their stage performance-- of solemnity and professionalism. I hope to see them again (both bands).

    Peekaboo Theory/ Lotus effect, MacAdams @ Rudyard's
    MacAdams played first: amazing guitar paired with unfortunate shitty vocals. Think about it: this chill music, breaks into crazy solo, then sings like...Al Yankovic. Case closed. Lotus Effect played next: another silly emo band, which tries to be "metal"-- and you can see it in the audience. I honestly found them boring. Peakaboo Theory, however, was one of the most interesting bands I've seen live, and heard: a drone atmosphere, but disambiguated, has hip-hop turntable electronics, semi-psychedelic and classic rock guitars, clean shoegaze vocals, and a syncopating drum beat. The crowd all reacted differently, which I liked a lot: a woman was dancing her socks off, another was raving, some were headbanging, and some swaying. All and all, I was happy to have heard them. I'm going to Rudyard's in two weeks or so to see Red Sparowes in that same space...the sound was good; very cozy, and cheap beer.

    Russian Circles/ Red Sparowes, Young Widows, Coliseum @ Rudyard's

    Missed Coliseum. Young Widows I liked in theory, not in practice. I could not hear much instrument differentiation. I was here for Red Sparowes. Loved their show, however, I felt that they were not playing at full-spirit....lacking that lustre in the eye. Russian Circles completely blew me away-- very withdrawn from the crowd, professional, almost can put them behind glass-- their sound, from three instruments, felt like 10...10 distinct creatures blaring and showing their claws. I was very taken by it. I'm assuming most of their set came from Geneva--as I did not recognize most of them. I still haven't heard that album. I bet they are better live anyway. All and all, a fun night...despite the 24 hour sleep-deprived rush of school work....I passed out right when I got home.

    Xathax/ Concrete Violin, Squaregrid, crazywhorse @ Happy Fun Land

    Noise show, was a while ago, so I don't remember everything exactly-- I had lots of fun, heard the thumbs and wails of another conscious. Hopefully will return to see another noise show with more people (very few showed up.)

    Between the Buried and Me/ Cynic, Devin Townsend Project, Scale the Summit @ The Meridian

    I was blown away by Scale the Summit-- beautifully and meticulously constructed progressive instrumental jams....I enjoyed them thoroughly, but the problem with meticulousless is the danger of lacking substance-- of feeling that human component of music. All in all, they were wonderful; I have never heard their music before. Devin had a lot of problems with the sound, and being just after Scale the Summit, I was not impressed at all. A great performer, no less, as my boyfriend commented, but the music was not "progressive" enough in this roster. Cynic was right after, playing many tunes off Traced in Air. I felt they needed a completely different atmosphere-- as their music is almost as though performing astral projection....a circular room, they, playing on cushions and arabic rugs, all of us drinking potent calming tea. Very flawless performance save a few hiccups with vocals (volume.) The crowd seemed to be here mostly for Between, so in between Cynic and Between, the crowd started pushing to the front. I gave up my position for the middle-- as I had an expensive camera that may suffer from the crowd. Between the Buried and Me knew exactly how to balance their metalcore / grindcore portions with their highly progressive, calmer breaks-- and you can tell the crowd loved these breaks. A++ on their performance-- just the right balance, and their tracks were from both old and new albums, enough to appease any fan. Great show!

    The Sword/ Woodgrain @ Warehouse Live

    Pretty fucking amazing night; Woodgrain brought out their synths for a psychedelic jam out...loved their music. The Sword was pretty amazing, perfect way to end the weekend.

    Stellar OM Source/ JD Emmanuel, JD Emmanuel@ the Husk

    Stellar Om Source, thanks for a great, wonderful, enlightening show!

    Mural @ Rothko Chapel

    A night of understanding and experimenting with the inherent qualities of pure metals, porcelain, wood, stretch & string. Human breath became a tool for all types of sound; breath as percussion, as wind, as fog. A classical guitar grounded this trio, reminding us that these are your average sax, drum and guitar. What they produced, however, was nothing like it. Check them out!

    Six Strings that Divide the Waterl / J. D. Franklin @ the Husk

    Mostly been going to local shows from fellow ktruvans; this one was a noise and industrial show. Good stuff, especially first artist.

    The Hatchet, Witchaven, Teratism, Kult Ov Azazel, Golgatha and Church of somethingsomething
    Austin Psych Fest - Saturday only
    Pentagram, Black Husk, Defending the Kingdom, and Serpent Sun

    Houston Free Press Summerfest June 5-6, 2010

    Mono / Twilight Sad

    This Will Destroy You / Omotai, Chiaroscuro
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