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25 oct. 2007, 13h31m


Metallica: PART I and PART II
Disturbed: http://www.last.fm/user/maplejet/journal/2007/10/18/552678/

If you've been reading the last few weeks, you've seen me rating/critiqing songs that come on the top listener radios for various bands. Today, it's the grunge act Soundgarden. With the previous 2 being mainstream acts and almost yielding similar songs, what will come from a totally different genre? Let's find out. Once again, I will scrobble every single song, whether I love it or hate it.

Soundgarden - Burden in My Hand (, )

One of my favorites off Down on the Upside. 9.2/10

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop (, )

Well, Soundgarden is kind of still mainstream, so expect to see some mainstream bands here as well, including our favorite funk act from California singing a crazy song. 10/10

Judas Priest - Electric Eye (, , )

Nice guitar riff, and a very good metal song IMO. 9.0/10

Turmion Kätilöt - Lepositeet ()

Something a little different. Vocals are OK, but of course, I’m not going to understand them since I only know English. I guess decent once in a while, but not really something I would really engulf myself in. 7.5/10

Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps (, )

Damn, this is…interesting…I don’t know how to explain this…it’s going on my playlist. 9.6/10

Pearl Jam - Once (, )

MOTHERFUCKING YES! GREAT OPENER TO A CLASSIC ALBUM! Major album of the 90s, and this is one of their best songs off it. Helps set the tone for the album. 9.7/10

Nirvana - Stay Away (, )

I have to admit, of the major grunge bands (Nirvana, STP, AIC, SG, PJ), this is the band I least follow, but it doesn’t mean they suck. They got some good songs indeed. Stay Away has a lot of rock energy to it. Definitely belongs on my playlist. 9.1/10.

I do prefer STP’s hard rock formula though for listening.

Muse - Sunburn (, )

I’m a poser. I only know Black Holes and Revelations and Absolution. I am from the United States. What more can I say, I only heard about this band last year with Knights of Cydonia and Map of the Problematique. Still though, done and done, I’ll be looking at Muse’s earlier albums in the near future. For now, this track is pretty good…a mix of piano and rock. I love to call this band “Radiohead on acid”…no it’s a great thing. 8.7/10

Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On ()

I’m still getting a decent share of metal songs, but you can also see more alternative rock songs so far. Anyways, a FULL live track from DT (unlike in Metallica Part I where I heard a 2-minute Erotomania which I later learned was cut off). All right, there seems to be a choir here as well. It is an epic 7 minute ballad live from New York. I think I’ve been getting lots of good songs today, cause this one will also be planted in my playlist. 9.3/10

Also, epic.

Korn - Somebody Someone ()

KoЯn is a Яeally good band. One of my favoЯites. Issues was a nice album. This song’s stЯuctuЯe’s pЯetty cool, staЯting laid back befoЯe KoЯn’s signatuЯe choЯds come in. However, it feels weaker than otheЯ songs…not a bad thing, but still. 8.1/10

Яock on!

TRACK #10:
Operation Ivy - Unity (, )

Ska punk! Heh, some parts sound like rap. Pretty cool IMO. 8.5/10

TRACK #11:
Gamma Ray - Razorblade Sigh ()

Ehh…I like to listen to power metal sometimes, but I really didn’t remember much after listening to this. 6.5/10

TRACK #12:
Radiohead - My Iron Lung (])

Was kind of boring until the middle of song when crazy riffs cames flying in. 8.5/10

TRACK #13:
Audioslave - Jewel Of The Summertime (, )

The hell? Didn’t I hear this last time on the Disturbed top listener’s radio? As I said before, the guitar riff by Morello in the middle of the song really kicks ass. 8.8/10, as I gave before.

TRACK #14:
Eagles - Love Will Keep Us Alive (, )

And now, our classic rock song for the set. It’s a love ballad, but feels too countryish for me. I don’t know, not digging it that much. 5.9/10

TRACK #15:
The Smashing Pumpkins - Rhinocerous ()

Another soft song…ok I guess. Maybe it’s good when relaxing. The song got better as it built up to the end. 8.1/10

TRACK #16:
Keane - Nothing in My Way ()

I’m not real big on the Britpop style of music, but this was not too bad. Music’s great when taking a stroll down streets in a city. 8.3/10

TRACK #17:
Alice in Chains - Put You Down (, )

And whaddaya know. Once this day ends, we have scrobbled a song from each of the big 4 of the grunge movement. Guess this is what grunge bands will yield. The likeliness of getting all 4 grunge bands played on the station is pretty high. This feels more like old-styled heavy metal as did the rest of [album artist-Alice in Chains]Facelift[/album]. A lot will probably disagree with me about AIC being heavy metal or not, but you have to admit, AIC had lots of influence from metal before joining in with the grunge movement. Not one of my faves from the album though. 8.3/10

TRACK #18:
Hoobastank - If I Were You ()

Ok, that beginning with the xylophone was kind of...eh…you know…something negative. Thank god it got a little better as the song proceeded. More harder and kind of Foo Fighterish as the song progressed. Nice work. 8.3/10

The next song was supposed to be Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah. Unfortunately, class awaits, so I only listened to the first part. I’ll try finding a full version somewhere on the internet and maybe give a rating here. I believe this was supposed to be a very popular song from a artist whose life was cut short.

Well anyways, more analysis to follow. Take a look. Just how different was this from Metallica’s and Disturbed’s top listener radios?


  • gwalla

    I've never totally understood the comparisons of Muse to Radiohead. Sure, the lead singer of Muse sounds a bit like Thom Yorke sometimes, but that's about as far as it goes. Music-wise, Muse is way more conventional than Radiohead (not necessarily a bad thing; they're very good at what they do).

    25 oct. 2007, 16h40m
  • GrantRS

    I really need to listen to the other major grunge bands. I got into Soundgarden a while ago, shortly after Audioslave formed, and found I much preferred Soundgarden to Audioslave, but to this date I really haven't heard much of AIC at all, and only know one Pearl Jam song. As a metalhead I'm too brainwashed against Nirvana to even give them a chance though. Sad but true. I think I may give this station a try. Although I consider myself a bit of a Gamma Ray fan, I can only remember how one or two of their songs actually go. If you want to listen to an unforgettable Gamma Ray song try Condemned To Hell, it has the cheesiest most [b]hilariously[/b] unforgettable intro I've ever heard. You'll know what I mean if you ever hear it. It's weird because the stuff Kai Hansen wrote with Helloween is so memorable and catchy. @ gwalla: I understand those comparisons. Not trying to jump to conclusions or anything, but from past experience most people who claim not to understand the comparisons tend to be really, extremely, heavily, fanatically into at least one of those two, perhaps both.

    28 oct. 2007, 19h36m
  • maplejet

    [quote]Alice in Chains are metal...!!![/quote] On their first album...they have too many heavy metal influences. You could really call them metal. They move more into grunge and alternative rock on later albums though. [quote]How long does this take you and do you write it up there and then or take notes down and write it up later?[/quote] I usually place this in a word document, remembering where to place in coding for tracks, albums, tags, and artists and shit. I'm also working on labs for class while listening to the radio too...you see, I'm multi-tasking.

    29 oct. 2007, 14h12m
  • maplejet

    Actually deanster, a user once recommened me Porcupien Tree. I think that band may yield a lot of differences, so, I'm going to do their radio today and maybe again Thursday

    30 oct. 2007, 19h35m
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