Scion Garage Fest -- Lawrence, KS -- October 2nd, 2010


3 oct. 2010, 8h32m

Sat 2 Oct – Scion Garage Fest

It ain't no Scion Rock Fest, but Scion Garage Fest was a really fun time with friends and some pretty cool bands. There were about 35 or so bands spread out between four venues, but I only visited two venues and saw five bands. For free, and it was a steal.

The first band was at Liberty Hall and were called Best Coast. A large crowd showed for them, and my friends and I chose to sit up in the balcony for their show. The first half of their performance was alright, but it seemed like every song sounded the same. There was no bass player, but the guitarist who was "acting" as the bass player was getting really into it, but the two girls doing vocals/guitar and drums seemed to recycle the same couple of types of music over and over again. Only when the 40 minute set reached the halfway point did they really step it up and start playing really catchy lo-fi dream-pop. A little nine year old girl even got up on stage to play tambourine, and she was singing along with every word! That was pretty funny. Best Coast certainly wasn't the worst band I'd ever heard from that genre. 7.5/10

Liberty Hall completely emptied out after Best Coast, but I stayed to see the band after called The Ponys. To be honest, I thought their guitar tone and the vocals sounded like a less energetic version of The Hives, who I love. I enjoyed them a lot, but at about halfway through their set, I left because they had started to get a bit repetitive. Not too bad at all! 7.5/10

One of the bigger crowds of the day was at the Jackpot. I walked down there and caught the last half of Happy Birthday's set. They sounded pretty good, a faster version of Best Coast with some guitar solo's thrown in! The vocalist was pretty crazy, too. He was drunk, high, or both. It blew my mind that a guy with that long of hair wasn't playing metal! 8/10

The Jackpot was crammed for one of the "headliners" of the day, The Gories. Two guitarists and a drummer with only two floor tom's. Interesting, but they played intense and straight-up punk n' roll. It almost sounded like a more punk versions of 50's rock n' roll bands. With a song with lyrics like, "Hey hey, we're the Gories!" how can you not have fun and jump around. A couple of cool guitar solo's and the crowd went wild. I think if they had a full drum kit their sound would be much better because although it sounded great, it just sounded like something was missing. Like the band was kind of empty. I only stayed for about half their set, but it was truly an experience. 8/10

The only band I had listened to prior to the day of the fest was The Raveonettes, so I was pretty excited for them. There weren't a lot of people there; enough so that it was a good-sized crowd, but not so many that it was uncomfortable. Their brand of noise rock/shoegaze/punk had touches of everything from The Jesus and Mary Chain to Joy Division in it. When they weren't blasting full force with a full band, they sang some great songs with just the bassist + the two guitarists playing tambourines, or each guitarist playing and singing their own solo song. I think the girl's solo song might have been a cover. They were great and full of energy; more than once I got chills up and down my spine. They ended their set, the house lights came on, and the roadies were taking down equipment, but the crowd kept cheering and the band actually came back out and played two more songs. I've never actually seen that happen before! Great stuff, one of the best sets of 2010! 9/10

Again: it ain't no Scion Rock Fest, but give me a stellar Garage Fest line-up like Scion did this year and I'll keep coming back.


  • cwall

    nice review! it was a lot of fun.

    3 oct. 2010, 18h18m
  • radio_potato

    Maybe, just maybe you should do a little research about the bands you review and if your best comparison to a band like The Ponys is The Hives maybe you should broaden your horizons. And again, just maybe you should have gone to see and hear more than 5 of the over 30 amazing bands at Garagefest , free for you to sample and yes, even spread your narrow opinion about . Oh, and if a nine year old gets on stage and knows all the lyrics, isn't that a sign that if you've never heard of Best Coast prior to that night that maybe, just maybe your not quite informed enough to be putting your ignorance here on display for all to see?

    4 oct. 2010, 14h07m
  • fishdogpimp

    mad about teen weed pop

    4 oct. 2010, 14h19m
  • ForSatori1919

    I think it's kind of funny radio got so butthurt over a somewhat respectful review. I mean you stated pretty clearly Jackson that this isn't necessarily your genre of expertise and you didn't have anything overwhelmingly negative about anyone you saw and this dude is getting all offended. I really hope you're not actually 39 like your profile states, if so, time to grow up padre.

    5 oct. 2010, 18h50m
  • mankvill

    I am way biased to Best Coast because, um, I banged the singer afterwards.

    6 oct. 2010, 5h20m
  • fishdogpimp

    i hung out with her and ally and bob (the drummer and guitardude) and the guy from hunx and his punx (forgot his name) outside the bottleneck before king khan and the shrines came on. bob told me about some LA metal bands ive completely forgotten but he failed to mention his solo electro project for some reason. Bobb Bruno, i wonder why.

    6 oct. 2010, 14h12m
  • cwall

    here is something I wrote up the day after. figured i post it here. def not a review per se. and i don't want to get hated on by ol' Radio_Potato there for any perceived ignorance on my part. anyway...

    6 oct. 2010, 21h11m
  • thisisahiijack

    I'm not knocking on your review or being negative in the least, but if you only saw five of the bands playing that night, then brother you missed out on SO MUCH. Gentleman Jesse, Thee Oh Sees, The Clean, Digital Leather, just to name a few of the bands that I was able to catch. The thing that really grinds my gears about these festival set ups is that you have no choice but to miss bands, so overall I was only about to catch about 1/3 of the performers, in addition to missing the secret Spits after show a few blocks away because I was exhausted and freezing.

    8 oct. 2010, 17h42m
  • mankvill

    Going into this, I'd only heard of the Raveonette's. I just went where my friends wanted to go. Some of them went to see Thee Oh See's, but I chose instead to see Happy Birthday and The Gories. Also, doesn't Thee Oh See's play here semi-often? After the amazing reviews I'm hearing of their show, I'll catch them next time.

    9 oct. 2010, 1h31m
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