• The ALL48 Ranking of Right Now - and how everything is sucking

    15 mai 2013, 3h58m

    How everything is sucking: a brief comment.

    Nothing after Acchan sounded good enough. At least for AKB48. Meanwhile it's sister groups got some stuff on their sleeves. And 乃木坂46 is still unspoiled, loving it.

    So, this rank won't be taking music on account because honestly, who takes?

    1. MIYAZAWA Sae
    I don't like her attitude nowadays but I'm one loyal bitch. I just wish she could pretend to be humble and not pissed off about every shit they put her through like a "proper" idol to keep an image.

    2. MURASHIGE Anna
    This girl is pure gold. And she sounds like Acchan sometimes!

    3. YAMAMOTO Sayaka
    Waste of talent, but couldn't be a better idol. Pretty, hot, funny and that soothing voice hnnngg.

    4. SHINODA Mariko
    You know what? I overlooked her for a long time but seeing so many great members leave I started paying attention to this woman. She is funny and quirky, and that's all for me.

    5. IWATA Karen
    I could listen to her voice forever. Her face looks so peaceful. Not commenting on her nose, though. But then again, AKB and pretty noses are like enemies.

    6. MORIYASU Madoka
    I like this girl for a reason I am not sure yet. Maybe because she's pretty and classy. But there's something more. By the way, HKT48 girls are quite a lot interesting. Including...

    7. SASHIHARA Rino
    She's charismatic. Really is. I can forgive anything, just give me Sashihara goodness. She's great MCing Hakata Hyakkaten, that fished me back to liking her. And maybe it's just me but she has gotten a lot less annoying. Like, not annoying.

    8. KINOSHITA Yukiko
    Do I even need to pimp her qualities? I don't think so. 10/10 would marry.

    9. KINOSHITA Momoka
    Oh this girl. OH THIS GIRL. The perfect anti-idol. Makes Chori and Anya look like princesses.

    10. ANAI Chihiro
    Well, looks like HKT girls got me. This girl is so sweet, and not in a diabetes way. I like that.
  • year ending feelings

    5 déc. 2012, 6h44m

  • jfc rammstein

    7 nov. 2011, 1h37m

    dear Rammstein,

    (inb4 slowpoke - I know I'm late for the party)

    I.......... I just....... I can't.............

    ok, i've reached the end of the internet for today.

    not even twin jesus christs with shotguns can save my musical taste anymore, jfc. yes, it's 2011 and i'm excited over this piece of beautiful shit. fuck you rammstein, fuck you. i can't say no to you. fuckers.

    Also, Baywatch Till >>> my whole existence.

    I'm ready for the whole thing to be shit packed with secondhand embarrassment, though. ("Pussy" anyone?)