• My review

    13 oct. 2008, 13h44m

  • Ashton Court Festival, Bristol

    16 jui. 2006, 11h17m

    Well, it's almost that time of year again. Ashton Court festival is upon us. Is anyone else going? It's quite small I suppose, so many of you might not have heard of it. This year, i'll be looking forward to Dreadzone, The Go! Team, and I forget who else. Last year I saw Lemon Jelly, and Roni Size amongts some other small artists. Loved it.

    Anyway, might see you there!
  • New Velkro Smaak tunes for the listening!

    19 mai 2006, 15h19m


    I, Velkro Smaak have released some new tracks on my website, and on my labels Website;

    New tracks include Royal Violet, Roach End, Creepy Crawlies, and a remix of The Orb's song, Toxygene. These are all available for download on the above websites, or on

    I look forward to hearing your feedback!

    In other news:

    A 1 second sample from a Velkro Smaak song will be featured on an album that will compile thousands of 1 second samples from various artists on one CD, as a variety of tracks. A musical soundscape if you will. I'll let you all know when it's out.

    As always, feel free to contact me if you have something interesting to say, otherwise - Peace, and i'll speak to you soon.

    Lots of love,

  • Devices, Machines, Things

    5 jan. 2006, 17h13m

    BugBrand devices are amazing. One day, I hope to own something which has a BugBrand sticker firmly attached. I've only ever seen and heard SJ Esau using them, but if I could have just 1 hour in that workshop, it'd be amazing and the guy would make a million pounds. I forget the reason for my writing this entry, other than to say that BugBrand devices are amazing.

    I have a show on the University of Lincoln radio station, which I produce and co-present, I will be mentioning that name a lot.
  • Jazz is the root of (most) music

    5 jan. 2006, 3h53m

    I was having a discussion with some fellow music lovers, and we came to decide that Jazz is at the root of most music. The beats, the melodies, the layout, the feel of the song - most of it all stems from early Jazz music. The only exceptions I can think of are Classical music, and some more abstract IDM or electronic music.

    I say this in an entirely positive way, Jazz music is something i've always loved and something i've always listened to, and will continue to do so!

    What are your thoughts on this? Where does music stem from for you?
  • S.J. Esau - my mind into sound

    4 jan. 2006, 11h20m

    When I saw S.J. Esau at 'The Delph', the S.U. bar at the University of Lincoln, I just couldn't explain what i'd heard to anybody else. The Loops, the vocals, the guitar, the cymbal, the amazing table drumming - it all looked exactly like something I'd always envisioned but never carried out. In short, it's pure genius. In long, I think S.J. Esau are/is (the number of members seems to fluctuate a lot, but always contain Sam) the best band i've seen and heard this year. Followed by The Retro Spankees, and Misty's Big Adventure.

    I love the absolutely fearless experimental nature of S.J. Esau, and would love to see him in his (and my) hometown or Bristol one day.

    If you haven't heard anything by him, listen. It's amazing.