Within Temptation 'The Unforgiving' Review (as featured on within-temptation.com)


27 mars 2011, 12h48m

Written by James Christopher Sheppard

Following the large amount of attention that my previous short review of the new Within Temptation album received, I decided to write a longer, more comprehensive review, now that I have the album in my grasp.

Within Temptation: In Profile

Dutch band, Within Temptation, have been labeled many things since forming in 1996- gothic metal, symphonic rock, gothic rock; I would say they are flying somewhere between all three. First album, 1997’s Enter, was doom metal and featured a sound far removed from the sound of the band today. 2001’s release, Mother Earth, featured the beginnings of what has become Within Temptation’s signature sound, establishing them at the forefront of female fronted, accessible although heavy, symphonic rock with a metal edge. Both subsequent albums The Silent Force and The Heart of Everything solidified their status and ability to get musically stronger with each release.

The Unforgiving

Within Temptation’s brand new and fifth studio album and first concept album, brings a whole new aspect to the band’s sound. Featuring harder, almost industrial beats, strings, more emphasis on thrashing guitars than on previous releases and lyrics sang from a new narrative perspective to tie in with the comic concept, this is the freshest album the band have ever put out. Here’s how each track weighs up.

1. Why Not Me

A short intro to the album, featuring the voice of, presumably, Mother Maiden, as featured in the Faster music video. ‘Someone has to take a stand against evil. Why should it not be me?’ she asks, against progressive strings. The intro sets us up for the intriguing dark hero perspective with which we are about to engage.

2. Shot in the Dark

A progressive upbeat track, with strings and a haunting intro, turning into a demanding synth and guitar filled track. This could be released as a single as it certainly easily stands shoulder to shoulder with the quality and catchiness of first single Faster.

3. In the Middle of the Night

One of the heaviest and most thrashing tracks released by Sharon and co over the past decade. Goose-bump inducing perfection soars with every chord, lyric and beat. One of the best songs Within Temptation have ever recorded, it takes their sound to brilliant new heights and shows their harsher side to full effect.

Read the rest of the review here: http://jameschristophersheppard.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/within-temptation-the-unforgiving-full-album-review/


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