a personal musical history, part one


4 sept. 2006, 1h23m

I saw something like this in another person's journal while wandering the wilderness of last.fm. I thought it might be fun to go over my musical tastes over the years. We'll start at the beginning...

listening to my parents' music

Well, really just Mom's, as Dad doesn't listen to anything really. My favorite singers were Bruce Springsteen and John Cougar Mellancamp. I think part of the appeal of Bruce was saying his name. Apparently I also liked to say "John Couga!" quite loud as well. I kind of remember listening to Phil Collins too...and that's about it.

5th/6th/7th grade

In 5th grade I believe I got a Sloan album (on tape), One Chord to Another, along with Our Lady Peace's Clumsy.
In 6th grade a major event happened - I asked for and received OK Computer. I was actually kind of scared of it the first few times I listened to it - it was dark and brooding sounding, and the packaging said "we hope that you choke."
In 7th grade I started ordering from Columbia House or one of those 12-CDs-for-a-cent mail order things. I continued on with Radiohead, buying The Bends among my 12 CDs. I also remember getting Scenery and Fish in that set, and a few other "can-rock" CDs - that one still gets listened to though, unlike most of the others. Another important CD I got from Columbia House was Nirvana's Nevermind.
I don't really remember too much about what I thought about music at this time. I know I often tried to understand lyrics as if they were stories, which was sometimes interesting. I also felt that rock music was something you needed to like as a teenager.

8th grade
This point in my life is where I really got into full on angst. Previous to this there were hints, but at this point, it really hit. And so began nu-metal.
I bought all of Korn's and Limp Bizkit's albums, and dipped my toe into more Nirvana, like In Utero (which I believe was my favorite album at the time).
I also started hanging out with different people, who thankfully introduced me to some cheering-up music, Sublime and The Bloodhound Gang being the ones that stood out. Columbia House was there to provide me with all this.

After 8th grade, my family took a trip across Canada. All I had was my tape-playing walkman, and so I made myself mix tapes, and bought a few tapes along the way. One of these was Matthew Good Band's Underdogs. The mixtapes likely consisted of Korn, Nirvana, and Beastie Boys. When we got to Edmonton, I bought myself some CDs (at the West Edmonton Mall) to take home with me. I believe there were only two - White Pony and MGB's Last of the Ghetto Astronauts. White Pony was and is an important album to me, as it sort of marked a transition on to the next music, as well as keeping my angst company that summer. And to think, before that I had dismissed the Deftones.

9th grade
In 9th grade I finally got a CD burner, and the internet. It's possible I got the internet in the 8th, actually, but it wasn't very important then for whatever reason. I began to copy CDs from friends and make myself compilations of b-sides/live tracks (the first CD I ever burned was Radiohead b-sides). This was also the time when I discovered Kid A.

I remember copying Rage Against the Machine albums from a friend before leaving for a big field trip which would take me back to Alberta. At the very same store I bought White Pony in, my friend and I proceeded to buy the basic discography of my new obsession, Nine Inch Nails. We both bought 2 albums - he bought The Fragile and Pretty Hate Machine, and I bought Broken and The Downward Spiral (he had a bit more money than me). We each made copies of each other's albums, and with that I suddenly had 4 NIN albums.
In addition to my two NIN albums, I bought Tool's Undertow. By the end of the year, Lateralus would be released. When I first listened to it, I didn't like it at all, but a year or so later, I rediscovered it, and I now consider it one of my favorite albums.
So grade 9 launched my angst into new directions - NIN and Tool were there as soundtracks.

...in the next part, we shall visit high school (which is just grades 10-12 where I'm from) and see where that takes me (assuming I can remember).


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