[Review] The Wildhearts - Chutzpah!


16 sept. 2009, 10h32m

I got really pissed off with the crappy reviews for The Wildhearts Chutzpah! on iTunes so thought I'd do one myself that actually meant something.
I thought i'd put the whole thing up here too.

As with every Wildhearts release, fans and critics alike always look for the follow up to Earth Vs The Wildhearts.
Unfortunately, no-one seems to realise that Earth Vs is now 16 years old which in turn means Ginger, CJ and co are all 16 years older and wiser too.
You're unlikely to get the same tongue in cheek social commentary like Greetings from Shi*sville, TV Tan and Caffeine Bomb - they just aren't the same band that trashed the Kerrang office back in the day.
Whilst many bemoan that this is to the detriment of The Wildhearts, their evolution is a good thing. Following up to their 2007 release "The Wildhearts" and 2008 cover album "Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before, Vol 1" with Chutzpah!, Ginger and co show they still have the knack of writing big pop hooks whilst keeping their rock credentials intact.

Opening with The Jackson Whites, Chutzpah! grabs you with a typical Ginger sing along chorus. I defy anyone to not sing along with the "I, I, I"'s, "why-ay-ites"'s and "sigh-ay-ights.
A shift of pace takes you into the more industrial sounding second track, Plastic Jebus which has the hallmarks of making a cracking live track complete with it's anthemic chorus shout.
Third up is the first single from this album and Ginger steps aside from vocal duties with Scott Sorry doing a great job. The Only One harks back to the mid 90s era bands such as 3 Colours Red with it's slower, heavy poprock progressions.
John of Violence" jumps back into typical Wildhearts tempo with it's staple head nodding riffs and Gingers vocal track hitting all the right buttons.
You Are Proof That Not All Women Are Insane is one of the stand out tracks on the album and could be taken as an extension to "Miles Away Girl" from Earth Vs. With easy rhymes and yet more sing-along hooks this is going to be another live favourite.
Track 6, Tim Smith opens with a hard hitting, bouncy riff and a nice two pace split between the beatles-esque chorus.
Low Energy Vortex opens with a nice little piano ditty before shifting to a mid-pace track that has a nice feeling of Stereoworld era Feeder about it.
Whilst it's not the heaviest,my personal favourite track from the album is the touching You Took the Sunshine from New York. With yet another typical, muted chord verse opening with some clever lyrics, Ginger spins a great story complete. This is one of the best examples of how good a lyricist and tune-smith Ginger really is.
Closing with the cleverly titled Mazel Tov Cocktail (which sounds a lot like the opening to Just In Lust) which has yet another sing-a-long chorus, and the longest and strangest tune, title track Chutzpah. Unfortunately, this one doesn't take me, the chorus has some Cher-style vocal effect and too many style changes throughout.

The first 31 minutes of Chutzpah! are top drawer and exactly what I was expecting. The Wildhearts are one of those bands who project their live energy into their studio releases and this is an album I can tell will provide many great live tracks.


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