• prepared guitar

    22 juin 2014, 13h17m

  • Derek Johnson - guitar video

    23 jan. 2012, 8h30m

    Nice video by guitarist/composer Derek Johnson:


    derek johnson - electric guitar (4 tracks), fx re-amping
    zachary todd barr - video
  • Derek Johnson - guitar video

    23 jan. 2012, 8h29m

    Nice video by guitarist/composer Derek Johnson:


    derek johnson - electric guitar (4 tracks), fx re-amping
    zachary todd barr - video
  • Guitarissimo - Contemporary Guitar Music

    8 déc. 2011, 9h04m

    Guitar virtuoso David Tanenbaum discusses new works extending the language of the instrument with Charles Amirkhanian. From the Other Minds Archive:



  • Jozef Van Wissem on UBUWEB

    8 fév. 2011, 8h46m

    Jozef van Wissem is a Dutch minimalist composer and lute player.

    Much of the work of Jozef van Wissem is based on the application of mirror images to lute composition. The work is idiomatic to lute tablature of around AD 1600. Through study in New York City with Patrick O'Brien, he discovered that from the Middle Ages on, one of the variations on the cantus firmus (the given melody) is the backwards performance of the melody. As a result, on his first group of compositions, released as a CD Retrograde. A Classical Deconstruction (Persephone 002), Van Wissem wrote out mirror images of hundreds of classical lute tablature pieces, copying them out from the bottom right to the top left corner. To these inversions he added new themes, accents and rhythms. He then applied the "cut up" technique of writer William S. Burroughs and cut, shifted, mixed and pasted the parts together to create new works. One critic has compared this work to that of German painter Georg Baselitz, who paints upside down. More recently his lute compositions consist of trance-inducing layered palindromes.

    Van Wissem is renowned for his ability to appropriate the Renaissance and Baroque lute in the context of contemporary experimental music. By cutting and pasting classical pieces, reversing melodies, and adding electronics and processed field recordings, he is able to bridge the language of 17th century music with that of the 21st century without compromising the timbre and resonance of traditional lute playing techniques. Van Wissem coordinates the Incunabulum label, lectured at Wesleyan University and Mills College, and performs throughout the world. He has collaborated with M.B. / Maurizio Bianchi, Smegma, James Blackshaw and Tetuzi Akiyama. He formed “Brethren of the Free Spirit” and "Heresy of the Free Spirit" and has several releases on Important Records as a duo as well as two solo records. Most recently he has been commissioned by the National Gallery in London to compose a sound response to the "Ambassadors" painting by Hans Holbein. On his CD, A Rose By Any Other Name, Anonymous Lute Solos Of The Golden Age (Incunabulum 001) he performs classical lute pieces by anonymous composers. Wire Magazine called his solo lute cd “ Stations of the Cross “ a small masterpiece. Van Wissem composed lute works for the upcoming medieval Sims video game due out in March 2011.

    He is now on UBUWEB:

    van Wissem - Ubu
  • Thomas Maos

    22 jan. 2011, 13h29m

    A very listenable improvising guitarist from germany:

    Thomas Maos

    He is working with Elliot Sharp and specializes in Dobro-playing.


    16 nov. 2010, 12h50m

    CD-review at Allaboutjazz:

    By Glenn Astarita

    Berlin-based guitarist Andreas Willers injects a bit of hoodoo voodoo into the realm of solo guitar, complete with effects-drenched overlays. A longtime participant in Europe's avant-garde, progressive jazz and jazz-rock contingent, the artist improvises within fragmented song structures and captivating shifts in strategy. Marked by off-kilter phrasings and guitar tunings, Willers tosses caution to the wind.

    Willers implements sliding notes amid hazy dreamscapes while investigating the capabilities of the acoustic and electric guitar. He executes resonating and extended lines to offset harrowing effects on “Haufen e,” while rendering crazed, computer-generated sounds via android dialogues during “Haufen f.” But Willers also dishes out torrid, hard-rock style crunch chords throughout various movements.

    Willers uses a melodica and acoustic guitar on the disjointed, free-form “Breatharian.” However, many of these oddball tone poems are designed with oscillating chord progressions and spacey treatments over the top. With “Flux Density,” he embeds LP scratches with rough-hewn guitar plucking techniques and bizarre phrasings, where startling contrasts yield the winning edge.

    The guitarist finalizes the album with the 18-minute “The Industrial Banjo (revised).” Here, Willers uses the banjo to induce a rather spooky aura, due to ethereal backdrops and slithery patterns. Ultimately, he looms as a guitar physicist due to his mesmeric implementations and unorthodox permutations. A quite fascinating listen it is.

    Andreas Willers
  • I NEVER META GUITAR (solo guitars for the XXI Century)

    21 oct. 2010, 9h45m

    Compilation by CLEAN FEED (Portugal)

    "Curated by Elliott Sharp, this compilation presents the "state of the art" in today's guitar. Included are some of the most established pioneers, like Henry Kaiser, Jean-François Pauvros, Michael Gregory, Mike Cooper, Brandon Ross, Jeff Parker and, of course, Sharp himself, but also the new heroes of the electric or acoustic six-string instrument: Nels Cline, Raoul Bjorkenheim, Noel Akchoté, Scott Fields, and Mary Halvorson, plus some less internationally known (but no less remarkable) figures active in the domains of free improvisation and experimental music, namely Janet Feder, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Mick Barr, and Gunnar Geisse. Every idiomatic reference or influence is in the equation, from folk, blues, jazz, rock, and noise to classical contemporary, world music, lounge, and exotica, in a myriad of individual concepts showing us the very wide field of possibilities which characterizes the art of sounds in this beginning of the 21st century. As Elliott Sharp writes on his liner notes, this diversity is guaranteed by musicians who have "one foot in the future and one in the past": artists with "their ass directly in the NOW". These are the representatives of some of the most rewarding guitar music played these days for you to wonder and cherish."

  • youtube - playlist

    14 oct. 2010, 14h32m

    free guitar playlist still growing !
  • spectra: guitar in the 21st century

    21 jui. 2010, 21h52m

    A nice collection of contemporary free-guitar music !



    this collection of works provides a contemporary perspective for the unconventional sounds that can be generated from the guitar. performers were gathered from around the world, from tokyo to texas, norway to turkey, london and beyond. the timbre of this album as a whole is the modern version of the instrument itself, now possessing larger dynamic and harmonic ranges, and seemingly endless possibilities when combined with technology.

    furthering the legacy of innovation and expression that the guitar now represents, spectra is a reverberance of living artists creating music for guitar as an acoustic, electric, and meta-instrument.