• more cowbell!!!!!!!

    15 mars 2007, 12h53m

    that's what I'm currently listening to...

    a couple highlights are:

    (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  • 64.61% Mainstream

    12 mars 2007, 19h53m

    • 1. The Beatles = 573508
    • 2. Pavement = 162755
    • 3. Radiohead = 583957
    • 4. Belle and Sebastian = 297239
    • 5. The Flaming Lips = 285903
    • 6. Badly Drawn Boy = 147811
    • 7. The White Stripes = 459938
    • 8. Pink Floyd = 434807
    • 9. Spoon = 186741
    • 10. Beastie Boys = 268590
    • 11. Foo Fighters = 398389
    • 12. Bob Dylan = 331476
    • 13. Beck = 428450
    • 14. Guided by Voices = 66373
    • 15. Modest Mouse = 328380
    Makes an average of 330287.8 listeners. The average has 511217 listeners, so I am 64.61 Mainstream. Take the test at
  • milestone

    6 nov. 2006, 18h22m

    It looks like I'll be listening to my 20,000th scrobbled song in about a couple hours.

    Will that song be one of my top tracks?
    Lazy Line Painter Jane
    Paranoid Android
    Tomorrow Never Knows.

    Will it be by one of my overall top artists?
    The Beatles
    Belle & Sebastian.

    Also, as a side note, at the end of last week I had listened to all of my songs at least once, according to WMP.
  • Album Covers

    22 juin 2006, 21h17m

    First journal entry here!

    I wanted to kinda get the word out about something I've just come up with, but I didn't think the forums were an appropriate place for it.

    You know how you can have give you code for your charts of tracks and artists to put into myspace, which I use, and other places like that, to display the music (in chart/list form) to people that visit your pages? Well, I came up with a way to do something similar with album covers. When I go into my charts area I could see the album covers of my most listened to albums but there was no option to export them, a la tracks and artists. So I did a print screen and took that image into Photoshop and cropped and "faded" it and plugged it into my myspace as a background image.

    I really like the way it looks. I'm so glad I came up with it.

    Anyone have any thoughts about this? About other ways to do this or something similar with album covers?