Oh yes I love Oasis (B-Sides)


2 jui. 2006, 18h02m

Well, I pretty much Oasis thanks to my parents being real fans when things like Definately Maybe were released and playing them all the time around me.
So this afternoon I had a good old' Oasis B-Side fest and to be honest most of these songs could and should have been A sides anyway. I mean, Round Are Way and The Masterplan? Pure emotional goodness, on both scales, and all the others too (Headshrinker anyone?)

The scary thing is, I could remember all the lyrics without even thinking about it...

Excellent stuff. How I love having parents who bring you up listening to awesome music. Oasis, New Order, The Smiths, awesome...


  • Mr_Fran

    Talk Tonight and Aquiesce are both well underrated too... When Noel played the former for that unplugged thing it was stunning!

    2 jui. 2006, 19h25m
  • dean_manc_lad

    im mad on oasis due to gettin a free ticket to a gig a few years bak n iv been hooked ever since i think the older b sides are well underated but only cos theyv hardly been heard such as listen up n rockin chair n a gd 1 is see the sun its a well early 1

    2 jui. 2006, 20h58m
  • lozzd

    Yeah they're all good. Would quite like to see them live, but I'm not really interested in their new stuff.

    2 jui. 2006, 22h11m
  • godfather83

    you're right...sometimes I think their B sides are better than some of their A sides...their upcoming B side album is gonna be mega !

    15 jui. 2006, 4h55m
  • morco

    no matter what oasis releases its always top class, they are just a great band, no question about it. Oasis is how rock'n'roll should sound like!

    1 août 2006, 19h00m
  • Mr_Fran

    Aquiesce and Half The World Away have been named on the tracklist for the greatest hits, 'Stop The Clocks'. Not many bands can do that!

    1 août 2006, 19h35m
  • ookyshpooky

    I swear, all their b-sides should have been a-sides.

    10 sept. 2006, 20h07m
  • Sylviofurtado

    oasis is the biggest b-side band ever... and a lot of people (myself included) think that a band quality is measured by their bsides... look at beatles and radiohead bsides, they are great also... but oasis bsides are just as great or better than a lot of good bands asides... i love oasis ps: i wish my parents had your´s taste! :)

    6 oct. 2006, 22h26m
  • davebutter

    Listen Up and Going Nowhere are my fave B sides. Least they're on Masterplan, so i'm guessing they were b sides?

    17 juin 2010, 22h15m
  • GougeAway84

    The Fame - that shoulda been on Be Here Now and it didn't even make The Masterplan!!

    18 jui. 2010, 17h56m
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