a shit ton of new music i've bought recently


13 mai 2008, 6h12m

So i'm sitting here writing my final paper of the semester, listening to the entire Neurosis discography while doing so, and goddamn are they awesome. I mean i have been listening to them for a good 10 years now so i already knew that, but still, they never cease to amaze.

now to kill time, even though i only have 2 out of 10 pages finished on this paper that is due tomorrow morning, i will talk of new music i have picked up lately.

The Gerogerigegege - None Friendly I purchased this from a friend who owns a label and distros mostly grindcore stuff, so this was a surprise to find in there. It seems this was recorded in 1987 but wasn't released until the mid-90's. it's a single track of a sweeping ambient noise that zooms in and out of focus, in a droning, hypnotic fashion. while not as satisfyingly harsh as some other gerogerigegege records, it's still does it's job of expanding the mind through sound, allowing the brain to come to it's own conclusions about what you are hearing.

Alec Empire vs. Merzbow - Live At CBGB 1998, though this came out 5 years ago, i just tracked down a copy for myself last week, and holy mother of fuck i don't even know what i've been missing. I've been getting into electronic music just as much as i've been getting into noise lately, so this record was a godsend of a find for me. Alec Empire's hard breakbeats are perfectly complemented with Merzbow's wall of manipulated distortion, with a tracks seemlessly flowing together. the 58 minutes fly by, and once it's over it's hard to keep from playing it again. at first i was worried that because this was a live recording that it would so like crap (even if it's a noise record), but it doesn't even sound like it's live. The beats kept me bobbing my head and the noise fries my brain. i love it. honestly i think i might make my noise band Wolverine Carcass move into this direction as opposed to trying to sound like Prurient.

Portishead - Third, I've never been a huge fan of Portishead, i mean i think that Dummy is awesome and i have all their other studio albums, plus i could get the vinyl version of this for 9 bucks and it comes with a free digital download, so what the hell, i picked it up. It's not bad, it sounds like Portishead.

Funkadelic - Motor City Madness, this is a best of collection taking tracks from their first 4 albums. I've never listened to Funkadelic before this and I totally dug it. I'm going to track down more of their albums after buying this one. i was expecting a just straight up soul grooves, but the psychedelic rock sections blew me away.

Disclose/Framtid - Chainsaw Split '04, this record fucking rips. i picked it up at the Tragedy/Dropdead/Black SS show in Albany, NY, from someone's distro, and honestly i was shocked because this shit has been impossible to get for years now. anyway, like i said this record rips. total fucking overblown distorted D-Beat from both these psychotic Japanese bands. if you ever track this record down, you need to own it.

Boris - Smile, I ordered this from southern lord records directly so I got the version with the download card so you get 3 bonus live tracks. The album itself is ok, it's not nearly as good as Akuma No Uta or Pink but still ten times better than most rock shit out their nowadays. Their is definitely more focus on spacey vibes then all out rocking out on this record, though the balls out tracks are still there. i'm looking foward to seeing them again, especially because they are touring with Nachtmystium.

Flesh Parade - Kill Whitey, Another album I've been meaning to get for years, and finally got a copy off ebay for $0.99. sick fast grind that is offensive, but not to offensive. apparently one of the guitarists quit and went on to start Drowning Pool. that's pretty fucking awesome if you ask me, lol.

Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck - P.T. Barnum's Gallery Of Masturbatorial Disenchantment, i finally got myself a copy of this, off of ebay as well. this is the EP that came housed in a DVD box with used porn as the cover. Harsh noise with pissed as fuck vocals. my only complaint is that this release is way to fucking short. it should have been put out as a 7".

Birds of Prey - Weight of the Wound, this album was a huge letdown for me. Dave Witte drumming in a stoner metal band?! sign me up! but honestly drumming can only hold my attention so far, unless you are like Braindrill or something. I found myself listening to this, and just hoping it would fucking end. and it didn't. luckily i only spent a buck on this used. avoid this album like you would a drooling, helmet-wearing retard at the mall.

ttttttttttttttttttttt - s/t, i bought one of the last copies of this from the label that put it out Brise-Cul Records, and this shit fucking rules. it's a cute little 3" CD that is hand decorated with spray paint and well, just spray paint. honestly i never would have even have heard of these guys if it wasn't for their fucking stupid-ass name, but it's a great strategy by the band for people to check them out, because i searched them out. this EP is a single 23 minute track, though it feels like 3 tracks played as one long piece (especially because of two long pauses that take place on there). musically they remind me of an instrumental Shellac mixed with Lightning Bolt and even some Brainbombs in there. Fucking check this band out.

Clockcleaner - s/t, Load Records put this one out, fucking shit, I swear that label can't do any wrong. everything i own by them fucking punishes my brain...in a good way. This record is noisy ass, garage punk rock, with a strong Melvins and Big Black (especially lyrically) influence. The bass and drums plod along as the vocalist wails out some misogynistic rant and the guitars feedback intensely. i love it.

Urgehal - Massive Terrestrial Strike, I have Through Thick Fog Until Death, and that one blows this album out of the water. this album is thin, boring, and totally interchangeable with any other mediocre black metal band out there. i'd rather listen to Dark Funeral than this record. wait, no i wouldn't, because Dark Funeral fucking blows.

Zarach Baal Tharagh -Demo V, another CD i got from Brise-Cul Records which was a total gamble because i've never of these guys (or just guy in the case of this band) but i was pleasantly surprised. apparently this guy has been recording lo-fi black metal noise in his bedroom for over 20 years. this reminds me of the Ulver album ]Nattens Madrigal in terms of sound quality, the drums are barely audible, and the guitars are fucked and distorted, but in a good way. But it's raw as fuck black metal. i'm definitely going to track down more of his stuff.

Wolverine Carcass/Apocolyptic Youth split, This is a bit of self promotion on my part, and i apologize. I made a few of these they are all super limited and awesome. Wolverine Carcass is my solo noise project were i use pedals, metals, tapes, mics, synths, and vocals to create noise soundscapes, not unlike Prurient, while Apocolyptic Youth is total improvised noisecore, blastbeats, loud walls of distortion, screaming about penises, and more. you should go download some of the tracks i posted, and if you like them, message me and i'll send you one of these super limited CD's.

ok. it's been about an hour since i started typing this. I could have wrote half of my paper by now. i'm an idiot. thanks for reading though.



  • AppleKabukiSuri

    lovely purchases

    13 mai 2008, 10h58m
  • logbut

    thank you.

    13 mai 2008, 20h08m
  • AppleKabukiSuri

    I find the None Friendly vinyl annoying to take in and out of the slightly too small cover slip.

    14 mai 2008, 1h09m
  • logbut

    oh, mine is a CD and it's in a digipack.

    14 mai 2008, 1h37m
  • AppleKabukiSuri

    oh whoops I mixed it up with No Sound :S

    14 mai 2008, 8h22m
  • sxesven

    good stuff & good comments except It's not bad, it sounds like Portishead. third's so great because it sounds so unlike the first two records imo oh your distro guy doesn't happen to have more none friendlies/other gero thingies? :P never know where you run into these things, that's so great though haha

    16 déc. 2008, 11h25m
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