el emo rating


27 mai 2006, 4h00m

1. Take your top ten artists and get their 'emo rating'. If you look on the artist page and then click "Tags" you can see how many times they've been tagged emo:

System of a Down: 93 (WTF LOL!!!)
Evanescence: 47
Linkin Park: 75
My Chemical Romance: 1124
Staind: 20 (slightly surprising)
Avril Lavigne: 24
Vladimir Ashkenazy: 1 (wow that is amazing, a pianist getting even 1 emo vote)
Nikolai Lugansky: 0 (well just about no one listens to his music anyway)
Simple Plan: 125
Sum 41: 97

2. Add them all together and divide by 10 to get the average:


3. Then divide that by the average of the top ten emo artists, which is: 911.5


4. Multiply your result by 100 to get a percentage.


of course, this is really skewed, so ignore this quiz.


  • playmetal15

    wow...it suprises me that you're still alive :o

    27 mai 2006, 12h11m
  • lloneph03nixx

    i'll take taht as a compliment

    29 mai 2006, 23h51m
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