• Me, the Sibz and Wiiiiiiz.

    25 oct. 2011, 6h05m

    Fri 21 Oct – Wiz Khalifa
    I suggest that if you haven't already seen Wiz Khalifa once in your life, you do so. He is freakin' incredible. I got everything that I asked for in seeing him in concert and so much more. He really showed up; no doubt. I knew that he was good, but had no idea that he would blow my mind. I was literally left speechless after his concert. My voice was gone from screaming my lungs off. Weed filled the arena, and I don't do drugs or condone doing drugs, but for some reason with Wiz, it seemed alright. Everyone was so happy and high. It was definitely one of the most unforgettable nights of my life. It was worth every cent spent on that $55 ticket, and worth every minute spent waiting in line. The anticipation for him was insane. The vibes given off were strictly desirable. I loved everything about his concert, and every time I listen to a Wiz Khalifa song, I relive it in a way. GREAT investment! Had a lovely time. It goes beyond saying.Wiz KhalifaRolling Papers

    28 août 2009, 23h12m


    It is a seriously giant planet that we live on.
    So much bigger than anyone considers.

    Bigger than your scene, bigger than your school and bigger than the block you party on.
    What have you done lately?

    You aren't getting ANYWHERE in your drug circles and your weekend parties.

    You aren't going anywhere but the same place you've been for years.

    I won't apologize for having success and listening to my spirit.

    Don't talk to me now because you think I can help you.
    If you didn't talk to me before, don't start.
    I am not famous or in a famous band.
    I respect true artists that own their shit and stick with it and hustle it.
    Those of you that blow hot air about me or my band doing something with our lives are jealous and narrow. Untalented and Invisible

    I won't apologize for the friends I have that you don't even recognize.

    Listen up Scene..Its not about that dj dude that used to love victim effect and now loves cut copy and spins at all the sway parties now. Its about DDVM, drinking DDVM's and dancing at DDVM.

    Its about Muse Music and Pennyroyal. Why not support both? Yes Muse is a litlle ghetto and usually has creepy remains of the old Steamers crowd hanging around it, but hey Pennyroyal kinda smells like a hospital and needs some menu help, especially with that giant kitchen. The way I see it, they are both establishments with people behind the counters trying to hustle their art and way of life and thoughts and you must respect that.

    Go to Velour Live Music Gallery all of the time, not just when it is cool night at Velour Live Music Gallery.

    Stop bitching about no one coming to your show, your exhibit, your establishment and get out and hustle your party to the masses.
    you can know that too. Own your own shit, and blow it up. That is what will garner all of the fame and respect in the world.

    You may hate our music and vibe and creation.

    But don't diss on us and don't cry as we set out and complete accomplishments and achieve goals. We respect you for doing your thing, respect us for doing ours. Anyone can do what you want if you really really want it. Although our label happens to be amazingly supportive and hip to our vision and sound, It's not about a record label. Its about living your dreams.

    Stop wasting away and disintegrating into mindless, worthless, spiritless zombies. You all are dead behind the eyes, even in your hip fashions that smell of mothballs and dust, you are still totally vacant.

    But it isn't too late.
    FAME IS DEAD, so create your own.

    TYLER (Neon Trees)

    Possibly the most powerful blog I've read in a long
    time, which is why I felt the need to reproduce it on
    my own blog. Eh-pick. Thanks Tyler from Neon Trees,
    thanks. -Linds