22 déc. 2006, 9h50m

I saw a neat iTunes survey on someone's journal today and thought it looked like fun to do.

Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following, because following the crowd has always been a good enough reason.

Total number of tracks: 1683

Sort by song title:
First Song: WWE Anthology, Vol. 3: Now! - (619)
Last Song: Zeros

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: Amelia Amelia (28 s)
Longest Song: When You're Ready (10:04)

Sort by album:
First Song: Daddy's Little Girl ('Mousse)
Last Song: Victrola (album not recorded)

Top 10 Most Played Songs:
1) Jetpack (82)
2) Like A River (79)
3) Black Notebook (60)
4) Corn in a Box (59)
5) Don't Ever Change (50)
6) Some Days You Gotta Dance (49)
T-7) 9 to 5 (48)
T-7) We Irish (48)
T-7) Number Six Driver (48)
T-7) Love and China (48)

First five songs that come up on Shuffle:
1) With Our Hands
2) Hey Girl
3) Caroline Dreams
4) White House Blues
5) Arms

Search ....
"sex," how many songs come up?: 3
"love," how many songs come up?: 46
"you," how many songs come up?: 118
"death," how many songs come up? 2
"hate," how many songs come up? 1
"wish," how many songs come up? 5
"train," how many songs come up? 11

I threw train in there since I thought it'd be funny to see how many folk songs about a train I had. And I have to admit, I was sort of surprised that a Nields song didn't show up on the most played list until seventh place. (But can you tell I went through a period when I listened to Jetpack over and over?)

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