• poetry with predators

    31 août 2007, 22h22m

    co-written with my favorite internet predator, Florencia

    Fumble up the time
    Slept way past the lines
    Dont wait or recall
    Im pretty sure I have it all
    Think you're always right?
    Got the world just figured out?
    Dont give no one a second stare
    Judged them all and just don't care
    Well here for you, a little pearl
    Of wisdom, as you can tell
    Wipe that smile right off your face
    Not every piece is in its place
    I'll find uncertainties
    In your securities
    Turn the tables, tip the scales
    Undo your plans, rewrite the tale
    Nothing is finished, no, not quite
    We've all walked the same streets
    Found the alley where all ends meet
    I'm just as good as you, fuck off
    Think you know me? you don't
    Those schemes up in your head
    The little things that you so dread
    The lovers, the fights
    I know you drank that night
    You don’t have to tell me none
    I appreciate the thought,
    yeah “dang son”
    I'll question it all, you say you can
    Be the jury and the judge?
    I'd think twice before that claim
    Redefinition- that's my aim
    Here's me, to rip the blinder
    The labels, the tags, all torn asunder
    You made yourself out to be
    What they all were waiting to see
    Time to clean your act, I sure will
    Do it for you, need my help still?
    Clean slate, brand new beginning
    Cards re-dealt, the wheel's spinning
    But realize its no wild ride
    with a car that’s not in drive
    but do whatever you want
    find your own world
    after all
    im sitting here
    poetry with predators
  • a breath of fresh gasoline, dontcha love it?

    28 août 2007, 3h19m

    ok, these are older, but I think they are some of my better work...thanks for my friends who provide enough encouragement to post and post some more. At you guys are good at someting ;)
    that was just mean, Im sorry.
    oh and if the trio poems sounded "jamie t or grime-ish" then these are more Clash-ish
    you know, you know.

    To Patrol the sky.
    They Call them-
    “Wings of Freedom”
    -Or defense or patriotism…
    or something, I forget.
    The wings are not
    hidden or secret or camouflage.
    No, no, left or right-indistinguishable

    They adopted humor.
    A “funny policy”.
    isn’t always a laugh.


    Vigilance on the ground!

    The found the cause:
    Scripture-or maybe in effect…
    Heartstrings were plucked for accompaniment parts

    Fascination doesn’t beg a follow up,
    Nor does passion-not for me anyway.
    But many things do need a reason-a follow up.
    They (reason) have never been disclosed, but I know they exist.
    I don’t know if we exist.

    You don’t need vigilance in a ghost town.
  • a trio of poems about THE trio

    27 août 2007, 1h52m

    each poem is numbered 1 thru 4, with the additions to each specific poem being denoted by a ".2, .3" etc

    oh and this is a work in progress

    The final system isn’t to dread
    In fact I might notice simply
    That I will sleep easier in my bed
    Knowing I had a place I should be.

    why do you want to leave?
    I don’t really get it
    You are scared as shit
    I’ll watch from a safe distance
    Get a kick and a scrape
    I’ll learn from your mistake
    Fucking hell,
    I hope I make it somewhere
    And I do care
    It can be here

    Id rather not speak to you
    You can hear im away, but I didn’t tell you
    Send away, ill blame it on the roof
    I’d paint the town red if I wasn’t wearing my good pants
    I only have 2, so yeah I cant

    I borrow my moms clothes
    On nights out.
    Im with them
    No need to question
    They don’t believe in charity anyway

    you don’t work the 9 to 5
    but its still more than
    I will try
    Hell, you got to put food
    On the table I guess
    Clean up after the kids
    Ah wait, no, its band tomorrow
    And youre still making a mess

    my parents said no
    oh well to bad
    not that I wanted to go
    I didn’t even ask
    You don’t need to-
    know im inside talking to flo.
    Let me get of the phone
    Oh shit, whered she go?

    go home
    warren doesn’t care
    youre left alone
    he’s not going to share
    why are you gay?
    Do you realize you wont get laid?

    I overslept again
    Not on the ganj
    Looking out at the lookout
    Its enough for me
    No one was making out
    is this the novelty?
    tell me, please.

    I wrote one more
    I just needed to explain something
    Because the word “trio” is a bit binding
    Sarah didn’t like it for that reason
    But we all know she did
    Kris liked it because he is a show off
    I like to laugh and find other people awkward
    They are fucked in the head
    But im not a partier
    So I just laugh
    I’ll still be here when you come back

    is it possible to right a poem
    with out
    sounding like a jerk?
    Or like a snob?
    Im not rhyming anything,
    And just typing a sentence
    And pressing enter to interrupt
    I can sound ironic
    With out smoking da hyrdoponic