My Five String Serenade


23 oct. 2007, 20h34m

So, here goes my first 'journal entry', not really sure who exactly is going to be reading this.. if you do though, you really should leave a comment or something (come on world, this is me reaching out...)

To me, music is pretty much everything. I don't think i can imagine i world without it. I mean i have my all my homies (hayle, tom [your the most likely to actually be reading this], an i think that amongst other things music is whats brought us together. I mean of course its not EVERYTHING, but, its still a big part of me, an [us]) an i imagine (hope) anyone else thats reading this feels that same. Afterall this is a site solely based on those that love music. So here i go..

For a while now ive been jotting down lyrics that stand out. Albeit most of them are (just a little) depressing, but, well, they usually mean the most, as shitty at that may me be (self destructive i know YOUR thinking, but if you know me, well... dickhead innit :) *smiles*)

Anyway, here it goes..

This loneliness won't leave me alone - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

Every time just like the last - Golden Brown

Could you be dead, you always where two steps ahead - Missing

An he takes, an he takes, an he takes - Casimir Pulaski Day

This nothing gets me nowhere - Please Shut Off The Lights

Dreaming of Yesterday - Home

Descending by design - Arrows To The Action

Waste yourself on me, tonight - Tonight

Im so, so, so tired of trying - Flake

My heart is bursting in your perfect eyes,
As blue as oceans and as pure as skies
- Spitting Games

I submit my incentive is romance,
I watched the pole-dance, of the stars
- Slow Hands

The best things come from nowhere,
i cant believe you care, i cant believe you care
- Made Up Love Song #43

Tired Angels are barley able to keep me safe tonight - Cold Enough To Break

I live in a frequency,
Where action rules,
That God is me,
In a war against my body.
... So jack me up and fuck me up with entertainment,
Yeah, I feel fine. I feel fine. Yes i feel, yes i feel fine
- Problems

You're living on a see-saw,
i tried to see more.
- Blue Lines

Panic, makes quite a morning cocktail of insecurity..
the loneliness is expected, if not predicted
- Cosmopolitans

I can't figure out what, i wanna wait for.
I forged all the answers, an now i want more,
I won't sit back an watch, what i paid for
- Venus In Cancer

You're so nice and you're so smart,
you're such a good friend i hafta break your heart.
Tell you that i love you then i'll tear your world apart,
just pretend i didn't tear your world apart
- So Nice So Smart

So, there we go, thats me for now. I know there plenty more, an ill add them when they come back to focus. Thanks for reading (it means more than i imagine you'll think :)

.. im just so emo, an i HATE it *smiles*



  • tomdarko87

    But just noticed this. I remember, when our top 20 was almost exactly the same. That was awesome, but as always life has changed but maybe, it's for the best, we really should share the music we love more often, and (well on my part anyway) not think 'oh i can't be bothered listening to that' Anyway, i guess what i'm saying is, music brought us together, maybe it can do it again. x

    10 déc. 2007, 3h25m
  • lemmy87


    31 déc. 2007, 1h23m
  • candysugardandy

    Iv only just seen this, I haven't been on for a long time.. I know how much music is a big part of your life mainly through your random quotes.. Used to be for me too I hardly listen to it anymore.. Id say once twice tops a week!? Like you I suck in anything remotely moving in music or a song and that tends to be stuff I relate to which inevitably is stuff that really makes me hurt.. Who'd have thought music would have turned on me this way!? I hope it never happens to you!! The only thing id miss if I were death would be the sounds of those people around me musics gone for me now. * This loneliness won't leave me alone - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Every time just like the last - Golden Brown Dreaming of Yesterday - Home Waste yourself on me, tonight - Tonight the loneliness is expected, if not predicted - Cosmopolitans* Great choices. some for you now but tonight before you sleep there will be a you and me and I hope im on your mind when you wake - tonight of course I love you baby cause im alive a sudden sun keeps rising on my belief in you - smashing pumpkins a few minutes with me inside my van, should be so beautiful if we can - porcupine tree now you've disappeared somewhere like outta space you've found some better place and I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain - everything but the girl I want, I want to much.. Is it any wonder I cant sleep all I have is all you gave to me is it any wonder I found peace, through you.. turn to the gates of heaven, turn, away from life, its not enough just a touch - smashing pumpkins so tell me why this all revolves around you, now its time for us to fade, once and for all - Lost profits (ha) Tell me honestly you wont give up on me - Home here you come again, looking better than a body has the right too and suddenly I know that all I really know, is here you come again, and here I go - Dolly Parton Daddys little girl raps a ribbon around my heart, Daddys little child waves goodbye to the morning tide that sweeps me though we're apart your a part of me. Molly smiles and she radiates the glow around her halo - Jesse Spencer - Molly smiles

    5 fév. 2008, 9h40m
  • lemmy87

    yay its a chicken! gone.. upsets me to hear that. fuck, can't imagine its doing all that much for you either. i guess i just hope it comes back for you, one day. [i]but tonight before you sleep there will be a you and me and I hope im on your mind when you wake[/i] get goosebumps just reading that. [i]I want, [b]I want to much[/b].. [b]Is it any wonder I cant sleep all I have is all you gave to me[/b] is it any wonder I found peace, through you.. turn to the gates of heaven, [b]turn[/b], away from life, [b]its not enough just a touch[/b] - smashing pumpkins[/i] one of my favourites of their's too, im suprised i haven't put it up. ive bolded the bits that stand [i]Tell me [b]honestly[/b] you wont give up on me[/i] *sighs* its a weapon really ins't, does all this damange. sometimes its a cure though, i hope it helps cure you one day anyway chicken. gotta go now anyway xxXXxx

    5 fév. 2008, 14h45m
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