• gorebros forum

    6 déc. 2005, 22h10m

  • christian death best of

    19 août 2005, 7h51m

    i got into this band from getting "jesus points the bone at you?" in a mailorder grab bag,
    just wanted to listen to a bit more of them so i bought this,
    it's good, but about all i need from this band,
    gothic pop
  • immortal diabolical fullmoon mysticism

    19 août 2005, 1h33m

    probably the definitive black metal album, as far as cold, medieval, forest, winter stuff goes,
    another album i bought from 1999, one of the first BM albums i bought, because i only like a few bands from the genre, but immortal is one of the best there is
  • liturgy dawn of ash

    19 août 2005, 1h30m

    extremely sick-sounding guitar tone, was also listening to this in my car, sounds awesome in there,
    the kickdrum isn't very deep and i suppose the production lacks something, but the guitar tone makes up for it,
    the vocals are good, but sound a bit too trebly,
    this is basically brodequin with matti way formerly of disgorge on vocals, and they cover a song from each band,
    pretty darn monotonous but it's just blasting and more blasting with a few groovy riffs here and there
  • sinister aggressive measures

    18 août 2005, 7h53m

    definitely an awesome death metal album, very technical and fast with distinctive songs, different than their previous material but this is a classic CD,
    it's amazing that there's only one guitarist on this recording, bart
  • george michael ladies and gentlemen

    18 août 2005, 6h42m

    a 2disc set in one of those bulky double CD jewel cases that are extremely large and annoying,
    i bought this because it was on sale at music boulevard online, before it merged with for $8.09,
    it's got some awesome songs like "jesus to a child" "careless whisper" "i want your sex(part 2)"
    i'm not really a fan and if this thing was parsed down to a single disc i think i'd be fine with that!
    is that goatee supposed to be appealing?
  • despondency god on acid

    17 août 2005, 9h31m

    what a weird title for a death metal album and they don't even back it up with some fucking lyrics,
    pretty fucking monotonous death, i dig it nevertheless, some cool song titles like "9mm headfuck" and "a mouthful of god's flesh" and "fucked,"
    i actually have 2 copies of this album as sometime after i bought this initial copy another mailorder fucked up and sent me the wrong CD but i just kept it and reordered the one they forgot
  • weekly list

    17 août 2005, 9h23m

    MC - listened to 3 of their albums this week so that explains why they're #1
    exhumed - "platters of splatter" is a double CD, aduh
    arcturus - "la masquerade infernale" and "aspera hiems symfonia" over and over, again
    apocalyptica - "inquisition symphony"
    sacred reich - "ignorance" "the american way" "surf nicaragua"
    living colour - "time's up"
    mudvayne - had been hearing them on the radio recently and they're not bad, so i DLed their discography and skimmed through some songs, most of which are worthless
    opeth - their new album leaked and i read it's different than their past shit, so i DLed it to see for myself, and it's a bit too happy, but still good
    touch and go - some MCD i got years ago after hearing a song played during "loveline"
    mad season - got interested in this band after hearing who it's comprised of, but it's not really my bad, not nearly as scummy or melancholy as i had hoped
  • corpsefucking art the art of the fucking corpse

    17 août 2005, 9h17m

    discography of everything the band had done up until their split with with goretrade,
    some rehearsal recordings, a 7 inch and demos/MCDs,
    good stuff, a definite evolution of sound from their beginnings as enthrallment through corpsegod to corpsefucking art,
    distant, cold-sounding, and evil death metal to heavier, more percussive and rhythmic death,
    nowadays they've abandoned pretty much all seriousness or evil and their latest album is called "war of the toilet gear," their sound is also quite different as it's post-cannibal corpse chugga chugga brutal death
  • birdlfesh alive autopsy/trip to the grave

    17 août 2005, 4h53m

    i really hate the artwork and image for this band, but it's about the only pure grindcore band i listen to, all their songs meld together without any distinction but the songs are very short and raw,
    i'm not into writing a whole lot right now