Friday Random Ten (Rainy Day edition)


29 juin 2007, 19h09m

Or, the "I'm Not Really a Lesbian, But You Wouldn't Know It From My Music Choices" edition:

1. Go, Indigo Girls

This song rocks. My IG listening has waned in recent years, but I still really like most of the Amy Ray songs.

2. Get Out The Map, Indigo Girls opposed to the Emily Saliers songs, most of which (dare I admit it) kind of bore me lately.

3. Keep On Growing, Sheryl Crow

Ahh, the Boys on the Side soundtrack. I listened to this a lot during the summer of 1995, when I did a study-abroad in Spain. (I even saw this movie still in a local theatre, I think in Madrid—Solo Ellas.)

4. Malibu, Hole

Probably my favorite Hole song.

5. Amber Waves, Tori Amos

One of my favorite Tori songs when I first started getting into Tori last summer. It's since been supplanted by others, but I still really like it.

6. Goodbye Caroline, Aimee Mann

Since I've been using "Random Play" more in iTunes lately, I've "discovered" some songs that I hadn't listened to enough before. This is one that I've come to really like.

7. Criminal, Fiona Apple

8. Everyday Is Like Sunday, The Pretenders

Another one from the Boys on the Side soundtrack. This one specifically makes me think of walking along the beach in Torremolinos.

9. Mrs. Jesus, Tori Amos

I like me some Tori, but I usually skip this one.

10. You Can Be As Loud As the Hell You Want (When You're Makin' Love), Avenue Q soundtrack

Yeah, yeah...the Avenue Q soundtrack is a guilty pleasure.


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