Rites 2008


20 avr. 2008, 17h48m

Fri 18 Apr – Rites of Spring

So, it's that time once again--Rites draws nigh! It's a semi-great lineup this year, much better than last year at least. Will I faint, cry, or throw my panties at Britt Daniel during Spoon? Will I get crunk at Lil Jon and do any or the above (for different reasons)? Stay tuned to find out!

Wild Sweet Orange - Not bad. The singer sounds like the guy from the Decemberists.
Jeremy Lister - I've seen him before, but he's definitely better in small clubs. And he didn't play my favorite song of his, Fool's Gold.
The Avett Brothers - missed it (dinner at SATCo)
Lady Antebellum - Still at SATCo...
Cupid - Back in the dorm, waiting for the rain to stop...
Colbie Caillat - In the interest of nabbing a good spot to see Spoon...yes. Yes I did attend the Colbie Caillat set. I will say that she met my expectations, but those expectations were very low. My one compliment to her is that she has excellent taste in songs to cover (A Bob Marley song, Beast of Burden). If only she was a better musician.
Spoon - It is a universal truth that any Spoon show is a good Spoon show. However, I would probably put this one last on my list of the three I've seen. Pro: enthusiastic crowd. Con: said crowd was also wasted and thus uncoordinated and occasionally belligerent. Fortunately I managed to get to the front of the crowd and right up in front of the stage (a first for me at Rites). Britt seemed to really be enjoying himself, which always makes me enjoy a show more (apparently he had been out the the Springwater Supperclub earlier and had met one of his favorite songwriters? I didn't catch who though). The setlist was a little lacking if you ask me; I would love to hear more of their older stuff, and they didn't do anything from before Kill the Moonlight (Britt did say at one point that they were going to play Nefarious, but they launched into something else instead. Still, a cool show with a VERY cool cover at the end. I would love to have a recording of that one.

I actually bothered to keep a setlist--here it is if you're interested.
The Beast and Dragon, Adored
Rhthm & Soul
Stay Don't Go
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
The Delicate Place
Someone Something
The Ghost of You Lingers
Don't You Evah
Don't Make Me a Target
I Turn My Camera On
Back to the Life
I Summon You
Finer Feelings
The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
The Underdog

My Little Japanese Cigarette Case
My Mathematical Mind
Cover of The Rolling Stones - Rocks Off

(By the way, for those of you who may have been wondering, no, I didn't throw my panties at Britt. I did yell "Britt is sexy," though...I know. Lame.)

Check back tomorrow night or Sunday morning for my discussion of Saturday's shows!

H-Beam - Missed it (record store day)
Alana Grace - First margarita
Lord T and Eloise - Second margarita
Hill Country Revue - Third margarita
Randy Rogers Band - Got there for about the last three songs, but I was a little drunk and didn't get much detail
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - WOW. I was expecting something completely different, but I was extremely pleasantly surprised. Best show I've ever seen by someone I had never heard of before.
Old Crow Medicine Show - What bad can you say about young adorable men playing traditional bluegrass? Of course everyone wanted to hear Wagon Wheel and of course they played it. But despite it being the only song I know of theirs, I really enjoyed their set. I chalk it up to the fiddle-harmonica-banjo hat trick.
Feist - I get the impression that I would really enjoy seeing Feist under different circumstances, but it was just not in the stars tonight. After Old Crow, my one friend who had stuck around with me in the crowd left me to go to the bathroom, never to return. I found myself quite close to the stage, yet surrounded by people who had no interest in seeing Feist, or even any idea who she was ("She's the chick from the iPod commercial, right?"). I had more violent urges toward the people around me during her set than I have ever had in my life. I finally got around the two six-foot guys in front of me and got a view of the stage for Sea Lion Woman...but it ended up being her last song. There was no demand for an encore at all (even though Old Crow got one) so I left before I was provoked into punching someone in the face.
Lil Jon - He's actually on stage "singing" as I write this. I am happy to be gone.

All in all, I have to say that this year was a bust thanks to the audience, but then the crowd is always terrible at Rites. I'll be glad to get back to the world of people who paid to see an artist because they actually like them when I go see Josh Ritter next month. Until then, I might be in anger management.


  • BtfulDisaster

    Festival crowds can make things rough, but eh, I'd rather stand through those than miss the music entirely. I was wondering if you could help me fill in blanks in Feist's set? I tried to keep it but most of my scrawlings are illegible and I have no actual memory. Here's what I have: 1. ??? 2. My Moon, My Man 3. ??? 4. I Feel It All 5. ??? 6. Brandy Alexander 7. ??? 8. 1, 2, 3, 4 9. ??? 10. Sea Lion Woman Halfway there...

    20 avr. 2008, 22h58m
  • laura_mac

    I know she did Secret Heart, right before 1234 maybe? It was when she was talking about Ron Sexsmith being in the audience. And she did Mushaboom too, but I don't remember when. Other than that, I can't help you... :(

    21 avr. 2008, 0h34m
  • laura_mac

    I want to say that she did Intuition as well, but I could be wrong about that. It's too bad you missed Grace Potter. I hadn't ever heard her band before, but I was very impressed. They rocked really hard and sounded completely different from the 30-second iTunes samples I checked out. I love hearing the old Spoon stuff live too, but don't discount their new songs! I think they've gotten better with every album. Still, I've heard the new stuff a lot more live, and I want to hear more from Girls Can Tell and even Love Ways and the first two albums. I thought it was weird to have all but four songs on the setlist be from the two most recent albums - and one of the four was a cover. Finally, I have to say that looking back, I'm really glad it rained the first night--it thinned out the crowd a lot. Too bad it couldn't have been Feist opening for Spoon instead of CC; since Britt is pretty vocal about how great he thinks she is, I'm thinking there might have been some guest appearances in one or both of their sets.

    21 avr. 2008, 5h07m
  • BtfulDisaster

    Oh, you're right. Secret Heart is where I put Brandy Alexander. Oops. I wrote down Sexsmith instead of the actual name and ended up picking the wrong one of his. I remember hearing Mushaboom but I couldn't remember when. I think it might've been early in her set. Anyway thanks for the help you two! Outdoor fests don't make setlists easy!

    21 avr. 2008, 6h14m
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