RUSCONI - Revolution


24 mars 2012, 10h32m

Als eine der ersten (mir) bekannten Gruppen hat sich Rusconi jetzt aus der klassischen Art der Musikverwertung verabschiedet. Sie werden in Zukunft ihre Musik verschenken, geben dem Konsumenten aber auch die Möglichkeit für die entsprechenden downloads einen freiwilligen Betrag zu bezahlen. CD's, die auch weiterhin - allerdings in limitierter bzw. geringer Zahl hergestellt werden - sind nur noch auf Konzerten erhältlich.

Ich hab für 'Revolution' 5,00 CHF bezahlt. Für mich ein vertretbarer Preis. Ich denke für die Band auch, die von Bandcamp ca. 80% des Erlöses erhält.

Rusconi begründet ihren neuen Weg im 'Manifest':

"A file is the new compact disc.
Music in the time of tablets and smartphones.
A phone is a stereo.
How is art distributed?
The audience is the new distribution.

In the future, our music will be made available for download on our webpage – in best quality and free of any charge. The digital revolution leaves us no other option and we are ready to face this reality.
Which reality?
The digital reproducibility and dissemination via the internet know no boundaries. The concept of ownership thus becomes invalidated and any pricing equivocal. We accept that. BUT – the process of creation remains a great artistic accomplishment which requires time, craft, inspiration and financial means. If you would like for us to continue our musical and creative output, we need your commitment. Donate, visit our concerts, read our newsletter, spread our music. Lovingly created records and CDs will be published by our in-house label Qilin Records and will be sold exclusively at concerts. Without you, we should not exist.
Listen to our music on mobile devices or tablet PCs, remove the dust from your record player and enjoy the music that way, do both if you like. We want our music to be free – for any kind of use, it exists to be listened to. Still – don’t forget, it is our music. We want this to be clearly stated. And if you earn money with it in any way, shape or form, please do as we do: share it!
You thought it has always been this way? No, but now it is."

Ich find's geil ;-)


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