After Forever story


2 jan. 2011, 2h43m

There was much Discord in the little town of FloorJansium at the arrival of el Stampo. The town had much to Evoke about his arrival, a night of glittery clown dancing must be in store. The populace of the town of only 75 hoped, the night of insane glittery clown dancing would only be Transitory. To get el Stampo started he need someone to Energize Medragon Hortenese. Equally Destructive will be the power of DANCE, that the medragon and el Stampo, will create when they stamp the ground mightily with their ginormous tushies. Withering Time it was for el Stampo when the townspeople booted his tush from their desolated town. Poor el Stampo was catastrophically De-Energized when his awesome dance skills were not recognized. Cry With a Smile he did when he left the ungrateful town of FloorJansium. He needed to Envision to himself that a town would except his flamboyant dance style, he thought to himself "They must accept it, now do you accept.". El Stampo knew the next town he ventured into on his ambassadorship of dance must accept Who I Am as a glitter clown of dance. That night he had a Dreamflight that prophesied, that he would be accepted in the metropolis of MarkJansium. He had only Empty Memories in the remembrance of that dreadful night in FloorJansium. I his mind he knew those people of that wretched trash heap, would be Lonely in his absence.

After Forever
After Forever
Floor Jansen
Sander Gommans
Bas Maas
Luuk van Gerven
Joost van den Broek
André Borgman
Amanda Somerville
Jeff Waters
Doro Pesch (Who I Am)


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