• if not a true drum and bass head then dont come IN

    22 jan. 2009, 14h04m

    this site is for only 4 true drum and bass heads only
    as i notice other drum and bass club just add any one .
    please stay away if not a true drum and head ,
    no sleep at the weekends .
    bless , LadySweetness
  • i need you help for a drum and bass club 2 get you on the guest list in the clubs in…

    19 jan. 2009, 15h30m

    i really hope you understand my idea for starting this drum and bass club for london then rest of the uk.
    did you know its skibadee birthday bash on 31 jan
    plus did you know about goldie and gooverider plus djhype playing at the end club on 23 jan .
    once our club is up and running we can can get on the guest list .
    how , because of our numbers .
    say , we had 50 members all going 2 skibadee brithday bash ,
    i can get on the guest list and its same with all the over events.
    more members then less price we pay to go .
    take the monday club, djprobe , will do us a deal .
    fabric , thats hard one but we need least 100 as its a big club
    02 , thats micky fenn club again we need the numbers 2 go
    so right now i need members who like to go clubbing for drum and bass
    and promise you i will get you on the guest list .
    before think am bit mad as for my age and my idea .
    please go 2 dazakawanted myspace
    then once you see all our friends then you know i mean bussiness
    as for the music please send in your comments for the best tunes to buy
    any questions please
    from ladysweetness