Underrated Bands


15 déc. 2008, 17h01m

This is my attempt at creating a list of bands that should get more attention IMO

Sick German Metallic Hardcore, very loud and harsh
Similair bands: Systral, Unbroken, Integrity, Ringworm

Dutch Hardcore / Screamo, will reunite for 1 show at CMAR
Similair bands: Orchid, Neil Perry, Union of Uranus, Pg.99

890 Listeners on Last.fm WTF: Legendary Dutch Hardcore, everyone into Power Violence or Fastcore should know these guys
Similair Bands: Infest, Charles Bronson, Deep Wound, Siege

Some more bands that are underrated
Merel, Anasarca (the emoband of course), Negative FX, Deep Wound, R.A.M.B.O., Mörser, Systral, Threadbare, Dodewaard, Anomie

Just check them out if you are into good sincere hardcore/punk/emo/screamo/etc


  • ilovesuburbia

    they all suck but larm, negative fx and deep wound. shitty list you got here, idiot.

    31 déc. 2008, 16h37m
  • aibom

    Anomie is definitely a good band there. Shikari not too bad either. I should listen to them more often. Don't really know the rest too well, which means I should check them out.

    14 jan. 2009, 7h39m
  • de-C-man

    Negative FX underrated?

    16 jan. 2009, 23h21m
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