Titres (18)
Titre Album Durée Écoutes
Silence of the Boreal 4:39 40
Memories of Life Forgotten with Time 6:02 40
The True North... 2:10 40
The Animistic Awakening 5:56 40
A Trail of Blood in Snow 5:17 39
The Bering Descent 12:33 39
March Forth Under Tortured Skies 6:05 39
Codex Canadiensis 5:13 39
Hymn for the Fallen 2:21 39
Eternal Winds of Nativity 1:59 21
Our Star-Guided Journey to the Realm of Neverending Life 8:05 21
And Gaia's Wrath of a Thousand Forms of Vehement Torture Will Be Brought Upon… 5:37 21
Soon Enough the Capitarmageddon Will Arrive, And With Death Shall Come New Life 5:07 20
The Fountain of Ageless Growth, Lifeblood Of All Who Doth Bear The Spirit Of Gaia 4:54 20
The Paralyzing Human Fear Of All Which Is Essential To The Cyclical Nature Of… 4:18 20
A Bloodline of Immortal Passion Bestowed the Harmony of Man and Wolf Coups de cœur 5:37 20
A Mythological Anticipation Of Omnipotent Immortality Enshrouds Our Viscious Conquest 6:57 20
With Northern Twilight Resplendent, we Follow the Moonlit Path in Search of… 5:35 20