• You..

    20 nov. 2011, 22h48m

    How mch do you make? have you ever contemplated suicide? are you now or ever have been...? are you aware of the fact...? i have here before me..Electrical information devices for universal,tyannical womb-totomb surveillance are causing a very seroius dilemma between our claim to private isolted thought and actiions the patterns of mechanistic technologies are very seriously threatened by new methods of instantaneous electric information retrival by the electrically computerized dossier bank-that one big gossip column that is UNFORGIVING UNFORGETFUL and from which there is no REDEMPTION no ERASURE OF EARY MISTAKES we have reached a point where remedial contol born out of knowledge of media and their total effect on all of us must be exerted.
    how shall the new environment be programmed now that we have become so involved with each other now that All of us have become the unwitting work force for social change?...

    whats that
  • Good Morning!

    20 nov. 2011, 22h27m

    "The major advances in civilization are processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occur"
    a.n whitehead

    The medium or pros of our time-electic technology-is reshaping and restruring patternes of social interdependence and evey aspect of our personal life. It is forcing us to revaluate practically every thought every action and every institution formerly taken for granted.Everything is changing-you, your family, your town, your education, your job, your goverment,your relation to "the OTHERS" and they;re changing dramatically.

    societies have alway been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication, is a technology that is absorbed by the young child in a completely unconscious manner by osmosis so to speak.words and The alphabet for instance is a technology that is absorbed by the very young child in a completely unconsicous manner by osmosis so to speak. words and the meaning of words predispose the child way to think and act automatically in certain ways. the alphabet and print technology fostered and encouraged a fragmenting process a process of specilism and of detachment. elsctric technology fosters and encourages unification social and cultural changes without a knowledge of the working of media.

    Innumerable confusion and a profound feeling of despair invarably emerge in periods of great technolgical and coultural treansitions Our "AGE OF ANXIETY" is, in great part the result of trying to do todays jobs with yesterdays tools with yesterdays concepts.......