• World/Inferno Heartbreak Society

    1 oct. 2008, 6h10m

    So. My favorite band, The World/Inferno Friendship Society came to Chicago on Friday and I was simply besides myself with glee anticipating this glorious little event. For some reason, none of my favorite northeastern anarchist bands seem to bring themselves anywhere near St. Louis very regularly at all and I hadn't the opportunity to bask in their wonderfulness in person yet.

    The week of the show arrives and suddenly who I had planned to go with couldn't make it. No big deal. I find someone else. They bail. And so on through about 7 people up to the day of the show. I'm not completely opposed to going to shows alone but I always have more fun with a friend and since it's a 5 hour drive it would make it less boring. Then, my night in shining armor, Dave, agrees to go with me so we set out with just enough time to make it.

    We're driving along 55 without a care in the world until about halfway there. Traffic slows to a fucking standstill. For Hours. Apparently a trailer came unhitched from a truck and took out fuck all people and there was a massive pile up or something, causing the entire highway to be shutdown and traffic diverted to little one lane side roads until clear of the accident. After clearing that we still had enough time to make it for W/IFS or at least the majority of their set. Except for the fact that buttfuck central Illinois cops have fuck all to do but pull over banged up cars for speeding slightly over the limit and then search the entire car and make us sit in the back of their pigmobile for an unreasonable amount of time, this whole dream was demolished. Although, I was still determined to try. Fuck, we were ALMOST there. Maybe there was some kind of delay. Maybe the opening bands didn't come on as soon as they were scheduled. Maybe tiny winged unicorns chewed on the wiring to the sound system and they had to take time to repair the damage.

    No such luck. There was also a Sox game letting out right near the venue and traffic was 10 times the nightmare of an average Friday night downtown. We pull up to the venue just in time to see a flock of people pouring out of it. I call for the attention of a guy with an anarchy tattoo on his shoulder, unchaining his bike from a street post. "You just saw World/Inferno Friendship Society, didn't you? The shows over Isn't it?" "Yeah, it was an early show (blah blah blah)" "FUCK! ...I know. I'm from St. Louis. We got stuck behind a huge fuckass wreck on 55." "ohhhhhhh that really sucks. I'm sorry." Me too, man. Meeeee toooooo.

    At least I have an amazingly cool aunt who lives on the Southside and let us crash and partake in her beer and food. If it wasn't for that, I'm pretty sure Dave would of seen my grown ass cry. Or at least have a psychological meltdown of sorts. So, If any members of World/Inferno Friendship Society are reading this, please please please come to St. Louis next tour. A big fan of yours has shit for luck concerning travel and would really like to watch you play, meet you and perhaps even buy a round.
  • new group for alternative lifestyle lesbians

    16 août 2008, 3h40m

    are you a lesbian/bi/trans? have a mohawk? purple hair? or some other unnatural color hair? no hair? covered in tattoos and/or piercings? wear clothes that wouldn't ever be featured in glamor magazines? just don't fit with "average" citizens, gay or straight? don't want to either? if you said yes to any of the above or support people who do, feel free to join my new group.
  • Wasted fangirl nerdery (my sordid little night on the town)

    15 août 2008, 21h04m

    I'm about to tell you a story about something that happened a couple months ago. or maybe it was just one. I don't know. I have a total shit concept of time.

    It was a humid thursday afternoon in this typically horrid midwestern summer and I had switched shifts with a coworker to be off work for the evening. A really great band, Girl in a Coma, was actually playing in Alton and I would of never forgave myself for not seeing them. So I did.

    I show up early after countless harassing phonecalls from Jason and Sarah demanding that I show up at once to stare at the streetcorner with them I guess until the show actually started. They were drunk already with Dave (surprise, surprise) and wanted someone to bother for a while. There were some local emo-ish teeny bands opening up so we spent most of the evening slamming warm beer in the nearest alley during their sets. Livin' the dream, I know. Cause fuck all that. This place allowed re-entry and i was determined to take full advantage of it. Before I realized it, I don't even know how many cases of beer were roaring through our veins and I was completely ass out shit faced wasted out of my skull. Yeah, I'm the only asshole on earth who forgets that drinking makes you drunk...

    Girl in a Coma, who's acronym I find hilariously similar to the noise one would make while getting punched in the stomach, (say it with me "GIAC!" its fun!) finally went on and they were awesome. I even drunkenly bounced my way through the circle pit of teenage boys. go me! until for the next two weeks I had to explain why I looked like I lost a barfight and that yes, I'm still taking my iron supplements.

    After the show, me and some friends are just kind of staggering around the front of the building where across the street Girl in a Coma is packing their shit into their van and I casually mention to Jason that Phanie is hot. I mean, they're all cute. I don't know why I singled her out just then and there but I also don't know why I chugged more beers than I can count in about 2 hours time either. Regardless, it was a random drunken observation that I never should have made. He wanders off and I continue bullshitting with people until I hear it. It's Jason. He went across the street and Is loudly exclaiming to them, "HEY! my LADYFRIEND! my LADYFRIEND (pointing at me) over here wants to know sakjhflksdhf" I couldn't make out exactly what he said, or maybe I just blocked it out of my memory as I'm sure Its something that would wildly upset me. It was a big day for him. I think he embarrassed me more at that very moment than he ever has in our entire friendship. That's a major accomplishment for this man. So, of course, I set right in to finish the job. I remember walking to the curb, teetering back and forth on it while screaming obscenities at him and demanding that he get back over here. during which he actually did get me to point her out as the one I mentioned. Ouch. At least I think that's what he was asking me. At that point in the night I probably couldn't of told you my street address or my mother's maiden name. What I forgot to mention is that after reaching that point of total inebriation, we all kept drinking. But when you're already that much of a trainwreck it doesn't even make a difference anymore. You might as well put a lampshade on your head and cry to someone about how your 4th grade teacher was mean to you or whatever else trivial bullshit people for some reason find important and worth discussing when they're hammered drunk.

    He finally returns and laughs about stealing their merch girl's pen. So I'm like "You fucking dick, take It back. that's retarded." "why don't you?" "...Fuck." After forgetting that the last 5 minutes even happened and that I'd do best to just call it a night and sleep this shit off, I stumble my happy ass across the street. I would compare that experience with playing live action frogger only you're entirely covered in novocaine. I return the trifling ass pen and hang on to the parking sign for dear life while I swayed back and forth and apologized for Jason "who's a dick but not really but yes he is but whatever, you know." Then I forget why I'm even over there and start just rambling like a fucking idiot about anything and everything that popped into my beer-soaked little brain and high fiving them to an obnoxious degree. Their next set was in Chicago the next night where I happened to be going because an old friend from my California days was working a tattoo convention up there and did my arm for super cheap, which i explained to them a hair pulling amount of times and promised to catch their set, which I didn't make and I'm sure they were relieved about.

    Honestly, they were very nice and listened politely to the garbage that was spewing out of my mouth. If I were in their shoes I would of probably told me to get fucked or at least to go sleep that shit off, long before I realized I was probably boring/bothering the hell out of them and decided to stagger back across the street. When you'd think my friends would have mercy on me and put me in a bed somewhere. But no. They dragged me around town till the wee hours of the morning getting me drunker and drunker and drunker. I even face planted in my own driveway when we got home. and not just a little stumble, stumble, sliiiiiip type of thing. No, I swung the car door open like the thing was on fire and just ate gravel like I honestly had every intention of smashing my face into the ground.

    Woke up later that morning to the excruciating pitch of my alarm with a dirty scratched up face and my hand meat fully exposed. It was all like "your life's a joke!" I'm like "I know. I suck." You know you done fucked up when your hand meat gives you a talkin to. And that was one fuck of a road trip, oh my god. I'm thoroughly convinced I was still wasted for the majority of it. I did get a badass tattoo out of it all though. and a really funny story. I could have just kept this all to myself, never told a soul and kept a little sliver of my pride but that's not how I roll. motherfucker, I told everybody I knew about what kind of an ass I made out of myself. I even told people I don't know. I'm even telling you. Self deprecating humor is definitely something I excel in. One of the only things, really. It takes a certain something to want others to laugh at how much you suck. And by god, I've got it.
  • My 'pretentious seen em list' tag

    3 août 2008, 9h27m has enabled me to reach a whole new level of nerdery by giving me means to list every single band/artist/DJ ive seen in my life. some of which sadly don't have pages and are no longer together so i can't make them one by adding them to a lineup, thus putting them on this site. that makes baby jesus cry. or at least makes me sad in my heart until the carnival music in my head kicks in and i move on to other, more shiny and pretty things.

    some of these bands i've listed simply for the fact that i did see them, even if it was accidentally. wheather or not they were opening for someone else and i banged my head against the wall until their set was over or i lost consciousness. (that's where the nerd thing comes in and i feel it necessary to list completely if i'm going to list at all.) they're also pretty much in no particular order. like the fact that tonight i remembered that i went to Ozzfest in 2000. or was it '01? and listed the bands i remember being there 7 years after the fact. and yes, i did purposefully see Rusted Root tonight for FREE! at that Live on the Levee thing they do in the summer in St. Louis. fuck you, i was raised by hippies and it was actually one of the best people watching experiences i've had in a while. drunken "hippies" in crisp, clean grateful dead shirts flinging their children and Budweiser bottles around wildly to no particular rhythm i could match it with. E-tards hugging strangers and dancing around like pricks. there were a few actual dirty, dread locked hippies but it was mainly yuppie potheads and old professor types. it was great, though. nothing like a free show. i honestly didnt know they were still a band till Amy G. invited me to go see them with her and Kristen.

    moving on, of course i'm going to list all the bands to date.
    Rusted Root
    DJ Spree
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Black Smokers
    Knuckle Up
    The Ultraviolents
    Scene of Irony
    Suburban Epidemic
    Girl in a Coma
    Dead City Dregs
    The Epic Mayhem
    Koffin Kats
    Steve E. Nix and the Cute Lepers
    An Horse
    The Mad Dragons
    I Stabbed My Landlord
    Devil Doll (Colleen Duffy Devil Doll)
    Tracy + The Plastics
    The Red Handed Bandits
    The Epoxies
    Dave 9
    Northern State
    Tegan and Sara
    Scream For Silence
    Pansy Division
    Devil Baby Freakshow
    children's audio
    Less Than Jake
    Delta 9
    Halo Friendlies
    Gitogito Hustler
    Heartless Bastards
    Bitch Slap Barbie
    The Line
    Sick of It All
    Erik Petersen
    Mischief Brew
    Dropkick Murphys
    Tiger Army
    Rise Against
    Mindless Self Indulgence
    Le Tigre
    The Supermen
    Hearts of Darkness
    Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
    US Bombs
    7 Shot Screamers
    The Business
    The Distillers
    Bob Dylan
    Against Me!
    The Scuffs
    Pistol Grip
    Demented Are Go!
  • For Fuck's Sake

    7 juin 2008, 20h14m

    just dont let them play arms of an angel by sarah mcglaughadkjfhagan at my motherfucking funeral. i buried a good friend the day before yesterday. Marcus Johnson. known him since i was about 17. he was one of my oldest friends. during the wake, there was this cheesy whiny bullshit playing in the room. Marcus was a DJ and a 'Juggalo' and i'm thoroughly convinced would have thrown a fit if he could. shit, i would. me and some friends there even talked about how lame that was and asked eachother who in the fuck was responsible for it. so i decided i was going to make a will with a list of do's and dont's about how to handle me and my... well, doing away with i guess whenever the time comes. but since that involves lawyers and money and effort, jotting shit down here will do.

    first and foremost, i do not want any form of religious relic present in the room or on my grave or anything. thats a big one. your god is crammed down my throat enough here in my life. the least you could do is keep it the fuck out of my death. your god has nothing to do with me. sorry, grama. just deal with it.

    2. just like the title of this post, dont play any fucking enya or sarah mcglaughlan or whatever you feel would be classy or touching cause it makes me want to barf. its my day! that might be incredibly selfish but youre mourning ME afterall. at least play music i like. here are songs id like to be played in place of that whiny mood music that shouldnt ever be heard outside of a stuffy day spa in white suburbia:
    Resurrection by Misfits
    The Moon By Cat Power
    You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go By Bob Dylan
    Roll Me Through the Gates of Hell by Mischief Brew
    Some Other Spring by Billie Holiday
    Bird Stealing Bread by Iron & Wine
    Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry? by Defiance, Ohio
    Warriors by Blitz
    There She Goes by Bob Marley
    Good-Bye by gay against you
    Brother of the Mayor of Bridgewater by World/Inferno Friendship Society
    We Love You by Cock Sparrer
    Haitian Love Songs by CocoRosie
    No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley & The Wailers
    Walk On by The Adicts
    Trains by World/Inferno Friendship Society
    Plans For My Funeral by The Orphans
    im sure ill add more to this as time goes by. i mean, dont get me wrong i dont plan on dying any time soon but when the way you're handled and remembered is at stake its better to be safe than sorry. yes, im vain. i dont give a shit.

    this goes along with 1 but i just want to be crystal clear. i dont want a christian preacher rambling on about how im with god now. cause we all know thats not fucking true. id rather have friends and family say a few words or even get a native american shaman to do it.

    fortyseventeeneleventy. i want to be cremated and if at all possible, do not pump all that bullshit into my corpse. i dont want to be embalmed. i know that would make for an unpleasant wake but im sure if you keep the temperature down and cake on the makeup that'll help. ive heard of it being done before. i figure if you're burning my ass up anyways it wouldn't be against any 'keeping the groundwater safe' laws or anything. do whatever you want with my ashes. i dont care if i have a plot in a cemetary or not either. id like the people closest to me to have control over that. you can keep all the ashes to yourself and bury a fucking jackyl in my place if you want. in fact, that would be hilarious so im suggesting you do that. this is not a demand like the rest. just an urging, if you will.

    #$. give all my money and my house to my brother and let my friends, him, and cousins divvy up my belongings.

    last. (i think). dont bury me in some godawful dress. i want to be in one of my favorite old worn out band shirts and dickies. keep it real, folks.
  • fucked up times on the charts

    9 mai 2007, 15h03m

    ever since daylight savings time, my charts insist that i did not listen to these songs a mere few minutes ago, but that i will in approximately an hour. yes, my charts are floundering under the horrid misconception that they are psychic, rather than just fucked up. i, with my absolute lack of tech-savvyness, can't figure out how to convince them otherwise and the team insists the clock on my computer must be wrong, which is just an outright lie. anyone having the same situation? ive been just allowing it to wallow in its delusions of grandeur but its becoming a bit obnoxious and i want my correct listening times back.
  • Finally brushing the dust off this thing

    27 jan. 2007, 18h04m

    yes, i did register almost an entire year ago but haven't had my own computer or a user profile on anyone else's until today so i can finally get this thing up & running. go me. and thank you, Nikki for making me a user profile on your comp.