First Song, Fell In Love, Current Favorite


8 juin 2006, 23h28m

You take your top ten artists here on, and post the first song you heard by them, the one that made you fall in love with them and your current favorite.

1. Matchbox Twenty
First Song: Push
Fell In Love: Kody
Current Favorite: You Won't Be Mine

2. Cartel
First Song: Burn This City
Fell In Love: Say Anything - Else
Current Favorite: Q

3. Johnny Cash
First Song:Ring of Fire
Fell In Love: One Piece At A Time
Current Favorite: Cocaine Blues

4. Craig David
First Song: Fill Me In
Fell In Love: Fill Me In
Current Favorite: Hypnotic

5. Fall Out Boy
First Song: Sugar, We're Goin Down
Fell In Love: Homesick at Space Camp
Current Favorite: It's Not a Side Effect of the Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love

6. The Beatles
First Song: She Loves You
Fell In Love: Eleanor Rigby
Current Favorite: I'm Looking Through You

7. Backstreet Boys
First Song: Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
Fell In Love: As Long as You Love Me
Current Favorite: The Call

8. Gavin DeGraw
First Song: (Nice to Meet You) Anyway
Fell In Love: Just Friends
Current Favorite: Few Drinks to Fall in Love

9. The Rolling Stones
First Song: Paint It Black
Fell In Love: Sympathy for the Devil
Current Favorite: Gimme Shelter

10. Metallica
First Song: Enter Sandman
Fell In Love: Master of Puppets
Current Favorite: The Thing That Should Not Be


  • redahe

    extensive taste, going from soft to heavy.

    9 juin 2006, 2h00m
  • killerpanda

    Yea I think I kinda have a weird taste in music cause I can go from listening to something like Christina Aguilera right into Metallica haha.

    9 juin 2006, 2h21m
  • redahe

    well musical diversity is great. Diversity in general is great. People should limit themselves to only one musical genre or one method of thinking. There are several paths to enlightenment, maybe.

    14 juin 2006, 16h12m
  • Davelander

    This sounds like a fun topic so I assume (or i hope you dont mind) Ill list a few of mine, and maybe itll get to other people. My taste is just as diverse although predominately classic rock. The Beatles First Song: The Beatles – Come Together Fell In Love: The Beatles – Let It Be Current Favorite: The Beatles - With a Little Help from My Friends / Michelle Pink Floyd First Song - Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2 Fell In Love: Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb Current Favourite - Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar Red Hot Chili Peppers First Song: RHCP – Funky Monks Fell In Love: RHCP – If You Have To Ask Current Favorite: RHCP - Aeroplane Black Sabbath First Song: Black Sabbath - Iron Man Fell In Love: The Beatles – Electric Funeral Current Favorite: Black Sabbath - Dirty Women Beethoven First Song: Beethoven - Fur Elise Fell In Love: Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata Current Favourite: Beethoven - Symphonie #9 (Ode to Joy) Nirvana First Song: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit Fell In Love: Nirvana - All Apologies Current Favourite: Nirvana - Lake of Fire (live cover)

    24 jui. 2006, 11h36m
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