• Scrobbling Sadness

    14 mai 2013, 14h11m

    Ever since I stopped listening to music on iTunes, scrobbling is absolutely broken. I listen to music on at least three different Apple devices, sync them with iTunes every now and then, checked "Enable iPod submissions" using playlist "zuletzt gespielt" which is defined as matching both of these rules: "last played in the last 3 months" and "media kind is not podcast" with live updating. I listen to music practically constantly. If you check my profile, you'll note HUGE gaps everywhere. Why is that?
  • Massive Attack Singles Mystery

    8 oct. 2006, 0h49m

    I looked at my Massive Attack singles box today, and noticed that I have CD #6 twice and I'm missing CD #7. How weird is that! Anybody here having an extra copy of CD #7 and lacking a CD #6? Let me know and we'll swap!

    Yep: Trading a copy of Singles 90-98 (disc 6) for a copy of Singles 90-98 (disc 7).