Albums of 2009, as I see them (Part 1)


25 oct. 2009, 3h17m

This is just a post discussing my thoughts on some of the new releases this year that I've managed to get my hands on and listen to. Each review, per se, will only be brief as I have a fair few to get through, but long enough to share my thoughts on them. Please, leave your comments and let me know what you think. Starting in alphabetical order, first "cab off the rank" is:

Alestorm - Black Sails at Midnight

Well... What can I say about this? Compared to their earlier effort (see Captain Morgan's Revenge) this just falls flat. Tracks like "Leviathan" and "Chronicles of Vengeance" try to fool you into thinking you were listening to their first major release, however it's a pity that the best track on the album is just a cover. If you liked Captain Morgan's Revenge, then do yourself a favour and listen to it again, just louder, rather than bother listening to this.

Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony

Following on the heels of 2006's Phobia, I was a little anxious to see how this one would turn out. However, I'm happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this album. Songs like "Give Me A Sign", "Anthem Of The Angels" and, of course, the first single "I Will Not Bow" just remind me of why I fell in love with BB. In my opinion, this is their strongest album to date and definitely worth checking out.

Candlemass - Death Magic Doom

Wow... That's all I can say. I don't have much knowledge about Candlemass as I've only heard one album prior, that being 1987's Nightfall, but this album made me listen. From the moment "If I Ever Die" began, I knew that this album was going to be good. Starting off strong, it goes from strength to strength with "Hammer Of Doom" right through to "My Funeral Dreams". Maybe I don't have enough knowledge of Candlemass to make an accurate judgement that most will agree on, but, based solely on my own personal tastes, I strongly recommend listening to this at least once.

Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague

Meh... I never really could get into CC, Vile is just better. Sorry, but I just didn't like this album. There was nothing that made me think "Holy Crap, I better sit down and listen or else this album will kick my arse" so if you like CC, then check it out I guess, but... Meh

Chimaira - The Infection

Aaah... This is where it gets interesting. I still like Resurrection better, but The Infection really does try to improve. It took me a few listens before I started to appreciate how well this album comes together. Each song has it's own unique style to it, whereas Resurrection's songs just flowed into each other, The Infection is like a collection of songs that Chimaira felt you HAD to hear. Tracks like "Frozen in Time" and "Impending Doom" take time to start, but, like "Six" before them, they are worth the wait. No album is perfect, but this has definitely been one of my highlights this year.

Deathstars - Night Electric Night

Hmmn... What to say about this one... I don't know... I mean... It's Deathstars... If you've heard Synthetic Generation or Termination Bliss, then you know what to expect. Nothing here stood out and screamed at me, the songs are catchy sure, but that's how Deathstars roll... Not much to say, it's not brilliant, but it's not crap, it's just... It's Deathstars.

Okay... So I have more albums to get through than I thought, so I'll get around to posting up my thoughts on some more of 2009's albums soon, and, don't worry, they'll be in alphabetical order. First up in the next part will be Evermore's Truth Of The World: Welcome To The Show... Yerrr, didn't see that one coming? Meh, I don't like it anyway, but more on that next time. Leave me your thoughts and I'll get back to you soon.


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