• FOO!! FOO!! FOO!!

    24 jui. 2008, 8h56m

    Tue 22 Jul – Foo Fighters, Supergrass, One Year Disaster
    Foo Fighters fukken ROCK!! The best show I have ever witnessed!!! 'Twas worth the steep price and more. Quotes like "I hope you grabbed two fist-fulls because we are gonna be here awhile", and "I am giving you all I got. That's what I do" make it more clear that Dave Grohl is cool as SHIT!!! In conclusion, you do what you want, but I WILL BE AT EVERY MICHIGAN SHOW and if finances allow it...more than that!! One last thought to rap this off...FUKKTASTIK!!!
  • Nonpoint!!!

    1 mai 2008, 23h35m

    Wed 30 Apr – Nonpoint
    Noooonpoooiiiint!!! I have never rocked this hard in my life!!! I was the one in the front row who kept screaming "NONPOINT!!!" They were awesome. What is not to love?
    They finished with the Bullet.
    I hear they are coming back. You will find me there.

  • Bravery=Awesome

    23 avr. 2008, 21h19m

    Tue 22 Apr – The Bravery

    First off, I was front and center which is where I likes it. The two bands that were with the Bravery; Your Vegas and Fiction Plane, both fukken rocked! I didn't expect that good of a show from them at all, and they were both really cool. FP's drummer is mind blowing, for an aspiring drummer like myself, anyway.

    The Bravery was also really cool. They sound pretty damn good live. I have only heard a few of their songs before going. They were awesome. The songs I actually knew are their most popular ones, and they were GRRRREREEAAAAT!!
    I don't care about recommending them, because whether you are there or not, I will be going next time they come round.


    15 avr. 2008, 9h34m

    Mon 22 Oct – Queens of the Stone Age, Black Angels, Biffy Clyro

    This was my first ever concert. I was kinda fused between two people in the front row right in front of Josh. It was AMAZING!!! I was so close, that when they came back on stage they played the song that I was yelling over the entire rest of the audience. How freakin' sweet is that. I now have the actual song list that Josh used too!! I thought it was just a bunch of duck tape when they thew it, but it was going to be my tape. Both Biffy Clyro and Black Angels were pretty awesome as well. I also found that I could test the rockin' level. You place your hand on your balls to see if you can feel the music vibrating all the way up there. It rocked my balls clear off my body. I don't miss them.