• Note to self: events.

    10 août 2010, 12h14m

    I'm one of those people that have kept every possible concert ticket stub since I first started going to shows in 1989. Some have been lost, but I do have the bulk of them saved... dozens and dozens of them.

    That said, I should probably drag the lot of them out and start creating past event pages for all of this shizza. I'm a little compulsive in certain areas, and that'd be pleasing to me.
  • I can't scrobble!!!

    5 août 2009, 14h37m

    I don't have admin access on my work PC, and can't install *anything*.

    New computer at work today, after years = I can no longer scrobble anything on Winamp, since the plugin is missing.

    Note: I didn't install Winamp either; I can't install anything at all.

    Thoughts? Is there away around admin access to get the plugin back in Winamp, without an .exe file? Is there a simple file I can download and put in the correct directory?

    Whenever I listen to music without it being scrobbled, I am annoyed.
  • Initials BB

    25 fév. 2009, 18h10m

    Sweet mercy, I love Benjamin Biolay. I really never get sick of listening to his work, ever.

    Why this man is not more noticed, I have no idea (is it the French thing? Really? I mean, I hear that Keren Ann, his former collaborator, does pretty well over here in the US of A. What gives?).

    Amazing, poignant arrangements.
    Gorgeous texts.
    Incredible talent.

  • Porta Macedonia

    18 nov. 2008, 17h20m

    I wish I had the time to spend on a proper review, but bear with me.

    I just had my special edition copy of Veljanov's Porta Macedonia arrive in the mail. After listening to both the album and extra tracks, I have to say that this time around, especially with use of the organ sounds and varied classical elements added, it sounds less like a pop album and more like musical theatre. This is far from a complaint...

    I know quite a few Deine Lakaien fans who are not very fond of Alexander's solo efforts, but I rather enjoy all three, and all for incredibly different reasons, as all are incredibly different in tone. The man's songwriting ability seems solid to me, and his talent not simply reserved to one particular style, which is refreshing.

    I hope DL continues as always, of course... But Alex Veljanov has done an impressive job in his own right. I'm glad that such a memorable voice has a firm backing of creative talent.
  • Why?

    7 oct. 2008, 2h42m

    So. Just now I find out that Emilie Simon is doing a series of shows in NYC, all month. Because I have prior engagements and little money, I can't go to any of these shows. Figures.

    31 jui. 2008, 12h33m

    A couple dozen shouts have disappeared, firstly.


    Secondly, I dropped half my groups, since I never use them. YET THEY STILL SHOW UP WHEN I CLICK ON MY 'GROUPS' LINK.

    More proof that new is made of EPIC, EPIC FAIL.

    I'm PISSED.
  • new site design...

    22 jui. 2008, 1h55m

    i'm not pleased with it, i won't lie.

    i know they're never going to revert to the old design, regardless of ten thousand members complaining. it doesn't make sense for them to scrap so much time and money spent...

    but since they've made the move to an aesthetic more in line with the current popular social networking sites (myspace, facebook, what-have-you), i can only hope that the option to move sections of your profile around (or choose not to show some entirely, like the waste-of-space 'library' section) will be forthcoming. i mean, even FACEBOOK gives you an option to move around some sections of your profile to display the way you'd like it to.

    i'd also like to see a skinning option, since the whitespace on here now is blinding, and the overall design a complete eyesore. i seriously seriously HATE it, the design and color choice aspects.

    sigh. i think that the users complaining that they will be canceling their accounts (or throwing themselves off bridges or the like, ha!) are being a TAD melodramatic, but i will NOT give any money for a service i feel has failed the user base in form and function. there are some great improvements (real-time updates of the charts being the primary), but it doesn't excuse being force-fed a terrible design.

    i like coming here, y'know? i don't want to look at something that i consider "mine" which isn't pleasing to my eye.

    i say give the users more options for customization.
    when that happens, i'll start subscribing monthly again.
  • WHAT?

    25 mars 2008, 11h52m

    i check my charts this morning and it appears that a HUGE portion of my tracks are missing.

    i did not reset.
    i did not delete any tracks myself.

    i'm confused.
  • reset button

    19 avr. 2007, 16h15m

    at 50,000 tracks i think i'm going to reset my numbers to zero, considering my listening habits are constantly changing now and the two-and-a-half year old chart i have now doesn't really accurately reflect my tastes at the moment.

    wish there was a way to keep a log of the prior tracks, though...

    i may actually end up doing this sooner. not sure.
  • global tags

    25 août 2006, 12h39m


    i'm sitting here at work listening to the global tag: station, and just getting more and more annoyed by the idiots who have tagged things like Blues Traveller, Steve Vai, and Ludacris as "french."

    this just means i'm skipping 90% of the tracks on this station because that's not what i tuned in for.

    the upside: listening to intermittent tracks by actual french-language artists, like Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. also the insane amount of french house music that seems to be on here... fun :)

    the other gripe i have about the player... when i use winamp, i have to listen to half the song before it's logged on my profile. with the player, the whole song has to play through the end. what's up with that?