20 juin 2010, 0h11m

Today is my third anniversary, and I like a reason to do statistics. It makes me happy. Here are some delightful statistics for year three:

My top 10 artists:

1. Sufjan Stevens (222 Plays)
2. Travis (198)
3. Castledoor (176)
4. Glee Cast (172)
5. Flight of the Conchords (137)
6. The Band (130)
7. Death Cab for Cutie (126)
7. Feist (126)
9. MGMT (122)
10. Coldplay (110)

Last year's results looked pretty much like my usual top 8, plus 3 (there was a tie for the #10 spot). This year my artists look fairly different. True, my top 8 is represented here, but Death Cab is at #7, when it normally lives at #1 in the overall charts. Castledoor and Glee are both new in this last year, and did a good job climbing my charts.

My top 10 tracks:

1. Moth's Wings (40 Plays)
2. Sleepyhead (37)
3. Bulletproof (35)
4. Hometown Glory (Radio Edit) (30)
4. Kiss with a Fist (30)
6. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You (29)
7. Get Up And Go (28)
7. Home (28)
9. You Are the Best Thing (27)
9. Weekend Wars (27)

Again, not too many surprises for me. Some of these songs are a little older, but still part of my favorite dance mixes, so they still get a lot of play. I'm glad to see Bulletproof climbing the Billboard charts too, since it climbed mine this last year.

All right. I'm excited to see what a difference another year will make. Time to listen to music :)


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