• daedelus

    6 oct. 2009, 20h45m

    Mon 5 Oct – Daedelus
    we saw 2 openers, the first of them played something cool, but it was like one loop over and over again. at the end, he said he was going to play one more song, then i couldn't even tell when he put the new track on. there were under forty people in the theater at the time, all standing still or facing away from the stage.

    the second opener, musa or whatever he was called, sounded sloppy and mixing off-beat. he actually apologized to the audience, then started playing again. he played much better after that, having moments of greatness, then falling back into mediocrity. maybe he needs practice. i would like to see him again, but not soon.

    daedelus was just walking around the bluebird a lot of the time early on, so we actually got to talk to him for a minute before musa came on. he smiled and made eye contact, and did not seem like he was in a hurry. we told him that we loved his set at the day out of time, and described our favorite part of it to him. he told us that he was not sure what it was that he played, but that he would try to reproduce it. we thanked him, then he went in to the office.

    when he started his set, it seemed like he made a mistake or something, playing the start of a DJ shadow live set while he kept working on something at his computer. he would shake his head good-naturedly and mouth "no" after everything that DJ Shadow said. the audience was laughing. eventually he figured out whatever needed figuring out, then talked to the audience and thanked us for coming to see him on a cold, rainy, monday night.

    it looked like he was really improvising the whole way, and responding to the audience. he seemed to be having fun, dancing in his own way, whipping his hands on and off of the big blinking button array. i didn't recognize much, and he never just plays a track like it was recorded, but i think he played sysophos and/or is you by DIM (amazing, but obscured by all the other sounds) , as well as run into flowers by M83 (also amazing), and of course fairweather friends. i was not feeling fairweather friends type stuff so much as brazilionaire type stuff, but i guess it is his best known track so he probably always plays it. he did play some things that i remembered from the day out of time, including the vocal track that we requested. we went wild (we were dancing right in front of the left subwoofer under the edge of the stage), and he grinned. i liked the way he segued into it then dropped a beat onto it at the day out of time better, but it was still just what we wanted.

    after the scheduled end, he left stage for a short time, then came back on, and asked the management if it would be OK for him to play longer. unfortunately, we had to leave during the encore (it was a monday night and we have things to do)

    would love to see him again!