The New Classics @ Monday, November 21st, 2011


22 nov. 2011, 1h23m

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Cowpuncher - "Call Me When You're Single"
Sports - "Slacking Scholar"
Ballgag N' Chaing Gang - "3 Jacks"

Paladino - "Ode to Misery"
Dinner Bells - "'Til The Dawn"
Spencer Jo & Joseph Barley - "Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind"

Bry Webb - "Undertaker"
Yael Meyer - "Backbone"
Adanowsky - "Nina Roja"

Dillon - "Tip Tapping"
Korallreven - "Honey Mine"
Jaidene Veda - "Flow (Sunrise Remix)"

Canyons - "Under A Blue Sky"
3:33 - "LFTG-7"
Hubble - "Hubble's Hubble"

David Lynch - "Strange And Unproductive Things"
Neptune - "Triple Your Money"
Retox - "Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag"
And So I Watch You From Afar - "THINK:BREATH:DESTROY"

The Pointillists - "Kill Until a Night Departure"
Grubstake - "The Guy Who Doesn't Get It"
Caveman - "Decide"

Peggy Sue - "All We'll Keep"
Washington - "Sunday Best"
THE DO - "Smash Them All (Night Visitors)"

Treefight for Sunlight - "The Universe Is a Woman"
Pterodactyl - "Searchers"

I was thinking about the way that the right side of our brain functions... how it is in charge of individuality and disseminating the raw data that the right side gets. So, if it is able to make the distinction between us and them then there is possibly a point in our lives before full development of this lobe that we do not see ourselves as individuals.

People seem to suffer so much loneliness. I often feel like I am in a bubble, an exposed glass sphere exposed to the world, yet unable to let anyone inside.

Did I discover individuality or did I create my own solitude though?


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