The New Classics @ Monday, May 17th, 2010


17 mai 2010, 21h52m

Artist - Track Title (Album, Label year)
Balkan Beat Box - Dancing With The Moon (Blue Eyed Black Boy, Nat Geo Music 2010)
heRajiKa tracks - I Believe (Introducing Mellow, Introducing! 2010)
Ginsberg's Inklings - Blink (ummm..., Neferiu 2010)
Ricca Razor Sharp & The Equazn - Land Of Chances (Opposites Attract, Neferiu 2010)

UNKLE - Falling Stars featuring Gavin Clarke (Where Did The Night Fall, Surrender All 2010)
Kink - Elevator (Five Years of Dirtybird, Dirtybird 2010)
Mass Choir - Leaving For Me (Live My Life On The Backbeat, Self-released 2010)
Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands - Alalal RMX (Contact Sports 7", Skinny Wolves Records 2009)

Unnatural Helpers - Shakes (7", Hardly Art 2010)
Hooray For Earth - Get Home (Momo, Dovecote Records 2010)
Male Bonding - Nothing Used To Hurt (Nothing Hurts, Sub Pop 2010)
Darkthrone - Eyes Burst At Dawn (Circle The Wagons, Peaceville Records MMX)

The Dead Weather - No Horse (sea of cowards, Third Man 2010)
The Famines - Syllables (7", Mammoth Cave Recordings 2010)
Pontiak - This Is Living (Living, Thrill Jockey 2010)
Wet Hair - Ordinary Lives (Dream, Not Not Fun 2012)

Pocahaunted - All Of Is Of (Make It Real, Not Not Fun 2010)
Vibes - Psychic (Psychic 7", Not Not Fun 2010
Zola Jesus - Heaven Sold You Back To Earth (My Estrogeneration, Not Not Fun 2009)
Woods - From The Horn (Echo Lake, Woodsist 2010)

In The Year Of The Pig - (Jamon, Holidays For Quince Records 2010)
Wild Moccasins - Late night Television (Skin Collission Past, Self-released 2010)
Richard Bliwas - Paper Wall (Astral Prints, Rising Rose Records 2010)

Youth Crime - Out Of Our Heads (Youth Crime, Self-Released 2010)
Sans AIDS - Got Ideas (Got Ideas 7", Pop Echo 2010)
Hermanos Calatrava - Space Oddity (Absolute Belter, B Music 2010)

What I'm Excited For:
Brain Sauce coming to Alberta. They have a few shows across the lovely and wheaty province plus they're coming on CJSW on May 26th for Mind Grapes. Mind Grapes and Brain Sauce. Seriously, that's the perfect combination! Well planned.

Record shopping! I'm going to find that Destroy All Monsters album. I'm really hoping to find some early Warp records stuff too. Plus Japanese music is always good. ALWAYS. Damn.


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