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Lana Del ReyOh Say Can You See 10 avr. 3h52m
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Lana Del ReyFucked My Way Up to the Top 10 avr. 3h43m
Lana Del ReyBecause of you Coups de cœur 10 avr. 1h42m
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Lana Del ReyBecause of you Coups de cœur 8 avr. 15h25m
Lana Del ReyBecause of you Coups de cœur 7 avr. 22h07m
Lana Del ReyLolita 7 avr. 22h03m
Lana Del ReyBlue Jeans 7 avr. 22h00m
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Lana Del ReyWithout You 7 avr. 6h52m
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  • yourtear_myrain

    Haha, I'll never stop being a kid. (I hope) I had internet for the week I was there, but mostly browsed Facebook. Posting all the cool pictures I took of the beautiful buildings. You seem to be just as beautiful and elegant as always (: xoxo

    2 mai 2014 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    Holy crap. Those posts below me are from forever ago..Two years. My grammar has gotten so much better, and I've changed so much! cx Thank you! I leave tomorrow c:

    16 avr. 2014 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    olic school. Maybe that's why I hate it. Religion just brainwashes people. I hate it when people are so blind to the truth simply because they've been stuck in " God's Light ". I'm sorry if this offends you, if you're religious. But I spit upon people who are critically religious. Anyways. That's basically me. For the most part. Exept the story of Timothy. Which I'll probly get to later. I'm sorry if I left stuff out. Having to swich back and forth between pages so I can remember what you said. Stupid character limit.. 1000 characters simply isnt enough when I write to you! haha(: Until next message, mybeautiful<3.

    29 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    between Trombone and Trumpet. And that's all I've been reduced to in this town.. A bridge for people to walk on. Some people come and go in my life. Walk on the bridge I offer to cross the river. But some people, a select few, grab a chair, and hang for awhile.. Those are my best friends. The ones that stay on the bridge. It's also very similar to how I sing. I'm a mid-voice. But I can hit high notes fairly well. My mom smokes.. I hate it.. Because my grandmother died of lung cancer, but she quit. If I loose my mom to cancer... I dont even know</3/3/3... My mom is my best friend. I HATE MY DAD WITH THE PASSION OF ATHOUSAND SUNS!!!!!!!!! Haha. I'm not looking for fame. Only popularity in my life. I want people to come to me. For me, there's m=never enough to think about. I've solved some of my friends greatest mysteries. I'm not religious. I don't know if I'd consider myself Athiest or not.. I'm not sure. I'm kinda figureing that out right now. Religion was shoved down my throat in cath

    29 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    implicity of correct grammer and stuff. It's rediculous. Ugh. Like, I know I'm not the smartest person in the world. But some people act like complete 'tards. i can balance books on my head like a PROOOO, haha(: Helping people is my speciality. I'm not scared of anyone, unless they have a gun or somthing, haha xD. Kidult 4 life. PERFECT! Haha(: I don't cut myself as often as I did. Only occasionally, when life gets me down.. I get depressed alot, usually when I'm ina deep state of mind. But cutting isnt always the action I go torwards. Thats only when shit gets really bad . I usually wwrite poetry, or pick flowers. Take a walk and clear my head. I handle my own problems. I don't like to complain to people. It makes me feel like a winey baby. Some people, although, have heard my pain. Harsly anyone understands it though. I play french horn. I'm decent at it. It's the best instrument in the world. I have a connection with it, no matter how wierd thast sounds. French horn is the bridge

    29 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    in them. It was probly because I was always in a uniform at the catholic school. In 7th grade, is when I started to get more friends. And learn about shit. But I had already developed the habbit of cutting myself. Deep. I always wore a jacket though. So nobody learned that I did until 8th grade. Soon I started to develope a sense of fashion. Skinny jeans, converse. alittle eyeliner. People stopped bullying me, alittle. Then I discovered I was bi-sexual, and got bullied again, even MORE. This is when I saw an angel. I fell in love with a man named Tim. I'll tell you more about him later. He's basically my whole life so far, my reason for everything. Anyways. In 8th grade is really when I started to find myself. I've never considered myself a hillbilly. I'm not a complete hick like half of the people here. It's rediculous how brainless some people here are. I just wanna escape. Somtimes I feel like I' m on another planet. Some of the people here are aliens to me. Makes me question the s

    29 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    Haha, wow:D. You're a very interesting person, M'dear(: I'm afraid of plentry things. My biggest thing is love. I've always had a fear of falling in love. And the one time I did, I ended up regretting it like nothing I've ever regretted before...</3. I'm afraid of hights. But I love the dark. I'm obsessed with stars. And roses. ( I'm sorry if i repeat stuff that I said in my last post. ). Yeah.. I get bullied alot. For some reason, only people I don't know think I'm attractive. All through elemntry school, I went to a catholic school. I was sheltered and stuff. It was a private school. And then, in middle school, I went to a public school. Which is way more open, and free. But I didn't know anything. I was really fat. And socially akward. I weighed a total of 180. It was awful. People called me lard ball and all the names you could think of. Some of em were really stupid, though. Like " pork loin ".. and " Fatt pig ". It was rediculous. And I never wore jeans. I didnt feel comforatable

    29 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    f in their shoes so easily. It's one of the only things I pride myself in. I love the simple things in life. Like stars, and clouds. I have an obsession with the sky. And nature. I REFUSEEE to grow up. I will always be a kid. Juss with a heavy contious, and a kid who loves music way too much :P. Aw, what you said about my eyes made my day(: I've always been made fun of for my eyes.. People call me frog girl and crap. So there. That's basically me. BASICALLY. There's so much more, but unfortunatly I had to cut this into 2 posts.. And I don't wanna annoy you with my constant talking. I don't like talking about myself. So now, you tell me about you:D! What makes you tick, what makes you, you?:3.

    27 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    Lol, well I dont consider myself cute. I have NO self-confidence. At ALL. And ooooooooh! Haha, I'm the least bit slow(: My bad. Sounds boring o.o.. Not really any exams for us. We're the " Hillbillys " of the US. Even though I kinda break away from the whole idea of being a country girl. I try my best not to have an accent. I try to stand apart, alittle d: There's like... No scene/emo kids here. And the ones who are, are really fake and poser-ish. ( If you kow what I mean. ) For the longest time I've wanted to be an actor. My father got me voice lessons. And I've been taking them since I was 11. But I'm afraid that might hafta end soon.. Because he's been making me audition for plays, and I freze infront of an audiance. I have test/proformance anxiety, not to mention a math learning disability. So I've decided I',m going to try to take the path of guidence councelor. I Love Love LOOOOOVE helping people. Most people at my school come to me for help or opinion, because I can place mysel

    27 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    Haha, AWW! That made my day(: You are too!<3. And ahaha. I'm not cute d: lol(: What is United States test?O; We don't have a Russian test here xD. And yeah, I accepted the fact I was a lazy bum a long time ago. Haha(: As for summer, I probably wont be on very much. Unfortunatly/: I'll be quite busy. I might a few times a week. I'm a fish when warm weather comes(:

    23 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    Well I'm glad I can be here to communicate:D. Haha(: And eveytime you post on my wall, it makes my day(x because you're so complementry and nice c: 'Makes me feel special c; bahaha:3. I have always wanted to learn another language.. But I've never found an easy enough opportunity to. Like, a class or somthing. And I'm usually never willing to put in any extra effort for stuff d: if things dont come naturally to me, I juss let it be. I don't like pushing my limits.. Which can be bad somtimes d:

    21 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    Haha, no. I'd like to learn.. But I'm not very good at learning other languages.. One is enough, I already have alot on my plate xD. And well, I only get on when I'm at school, in computers. So I can listen to music while I work(: And I only have this calss every other day. And we JUST got off break. So I haven't been on in a while/:

    19 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    Awww, that made my DAY!:D<3333333. Thankyou:D! You are sooo super beautiful, no joke(: Its trippy cute<3. And I'm from Rome Georgia, In the United States, haha. But my decendents are from Ukrain(:

    13 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    Pshhh. You. Are gorgeous. * me being all super jelly. *. And yeah, charts are pretty great aswell(; haha(:

    7 mars 2012 Répondre
  • yourtear_myrain

    Very pretty^-^.

    5 mars 2012 Répondre
  • xz_zx


    26 fév. 2012 Répondre

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