• Jiken (지겐) - Information

    13 juin 2007, 2h30m


    Jiken is an onomatopoeic Korean word that captures the sound of the soe (쇠 or 꽹가리), a traditional metalic percussion instrument. In poongmul, which is a popular genre of Korean percussion music, soe is believed to be the leader of the instruments that have the power to summon good spirits and drive away the bad ones. The piece draws upon the aura of the soe and it related ritualistic event by framing and elaborating the sound of a single hit.
  • Snapshots - Information

    6 juin 2007, 6h25m


    We probably have seen a photo vending machine in a mall. People go inside the machine and take series of pictures that are instantly printed out, often with computer-generated frames and fancy color changes. These “processed” pictures are usually printed in small stickers, so the users can stick them in their wallet, refrigerator, or anywhere they want. The composition takes the similar approach on the sound of a bass clarinet. During the performance, the performer “pauses” after a brief gesture while computer takes the snapshots of the sound of the instrument. Then, the computer plays back a modified sound that becomes a new motif or a pad for the next passage. The overall result is a collage of different bass clarinet timbres, often disembodied from the instrument’s physical limitations

    Performed @
    - SCI National Conference. San Antonio, TX. 2006
    - 15th Florida Electroacoutsic Music Festival, Gainesville, FL. 2006
  • Retrace - Information

    4 juin 2007, 4h13m


    Retrace uses digital signal processing to extend sonic possibilities of mbira (a.k.a. thumb piano). The instrument used in this piece was found at a flea market, and holds many personal memories of the composer. In performance, a computer running SuperCollider is used to create different timbral variations using a simple motif.

    Performed @
    -International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Barcelona, Spain. 2005
    -Music Technology Concert at the Art Center Nabi,Korea. 2005
    -Society of Electro Acoustic Music in the United States, San Diego, 2004
  • Decrescendo - Information

    4 juin 2007, 4h09m


    A sine wave with exponential amplitude decay is probably one of the most artificial sounds that can be created. Using this sound as the main source limits many possibilities that can be explored within the electronic music genre, but it also provides a unique transparency in the perception of pitch, contour, and space. The mission of this composition was to develop a pitch language within this environment, and then translate the idea into a timbral realm.

    Performed @:
    -Beaux Concerts de la releve, Centre d'arts Orford, Canada. 2006
    -Electroacoustic Music from US + UK, University of Aberdeen, UK. 2005
    -New American Electroacoustic Music, Univerisyt of Hull,UK. 2005
    -Society of Electro Acoustic Music in the United States, Muncie, IN. 2005
    -Los Angeles Sonic Odyssey, Los Angeles, CA. 2005
    -International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Miami, FL. 2004
    -Nong Project 2004, Seoul, Korea. 2004
    -13th Florida Electroacoutsic Music Festival, Gainesville, FL. 2004