Some recent album purchases.


15 mars 2006, 6h57m

Haven't done this in a while, so here is a list of albums I have bought in the last month or so:

J.A.C.. Tosca has been on my to-be-bought list for ages but I did not get a round to buy anything from them until last week. After one session listening to the album I was already sold. I will most definitely buy more of their albums. One of those artists that I should have become aware of much much earlier.

The Life Pursuit. This one was bought on impulse and is my very first Belle and Sebastian album. I saw the album getting really good reviews all over the place. Several reviews compared the band and the album to The Smiths and I've always liked them. The album really is just as good as all the reviews I have read have said.

The Campfire Headphase. Another one that has been popping up on my recommendations lists for ages so I finally decided to buy their latest album. After listening to it for a couple of times, I'd say that it's an ok album but perhaps slightly too experimental for my current taste. The material itself is good in it's genre, but there are so little hooks in the songs that the album hard to get into. An album that at this phase will probably get buried into depths of my music collection until I (hopefully) discover it at later stage wondering why I haven't been listening to it.

Future Flashback. Hmmm... Album could probably be described as somewhat housy nu-jazz with lot's of latin, acid and fusion elements. Excellent stuff and highly recommendable. His other work will definitely be on my to-be-bought list.

Virgin Ubiquity Remixed. Another twisted remix album concept. Album contains remixes of some old Ayers tracks. As I anticipated, in a somewhat predictable remix album tradition, the quality of the remixes varies a lot. Some are just plain awful and have completely lost the original Ayers grooves, while others are really great and true to the original song while still bringing their own approach to the songs. The album has no fewer and 21 tracks and luckily most of them are positive experiences. Recommended. (BTW, did you know Roy Ayers is claimed to be the second most sampled artist in the world?)

Remember Tomorrow. This one was found with a little help from the recommendations engine. Really nice chill out album with plenty of latin, afro, jazz, funk, etc. Highly recommendable, as long as you remember to press skip every time Hit The Road Jack (Pena Estrada) starts. What an awful version of the old classic...

And the Glass Handed Kites. Yet another impulse purchase. Granted, [track artist=Mew]Special[track] is a really great indie pop song. Unfortunately, there just are not enough moments like it on the album.Despite all the raving reviews, I thought the album was a disappointment. I do like the progressive elements the album contains, but unfortunately the album sounds somehow superficial.

Vielä koittaa uusi aika. Local act singing in Finnish so don't wonder if you have not heard of them before..... Mainio albumi vaikka itse ehkä pidänkin Egotripin vanhemmasta voima-pop tuotannosta enemmän. Materiaali on jälleen kerran suomi rock/pop -akselilla vertaansa vailla. Sanoitukset tosin ontuvat jälleen paikoin.


  • goldmund

    belle and sebastian are like the smiths?!? i'm not so sure about that. belle and sebastian's brand of pop is rather timeless, while the smiths are clearly an 80s rock band (no offense to the smiths intended, i like both bands very much). if you like The Life Pursuit, go ahead and buy If You're Feeling Sinister - you won't regret it!

    15 mars 2006, 7h04m
  • Jasmic

    Tosca Suzuki and Suzuki in Dub are both very good albums if you haven't already got them. I haven't got Campfire Headphase yet, but I do have Music Has the Right to Children which (I think) is excellent. I also have Goegaddi but that is taking a bit longer for me to get into.

    15 mars 2006, 8h51m
  • joosen

    I have bought Suzuki and Dehli9 by Suzuki. Both are excellent albums. As for B&S, I just said that many of the reviews compared them to The Smiths. I personally can see (or actually hear) the resemblance. IMO, there is something really 80's both on the material and sounds of the B&S. If You're Feeling Sinister is definitely on my shopping list.

    21 mars 2006, 7h16m
  • k.

    ...and who is the FIRST most sampled artist? PS. Tosca is good ;)

    21 mars 2006, 8h08m
  • joosen

    I've always thought it's James Brown. Credit for being the most sampled band in the world is typically given to Kraftwerk.

    21 mars 2006, 11h12m
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