Mark Spoon is dead


12 jan. 2006, 16h17m

Markus Löffel a.k.a. Mark Spoon has been found dead in his flat in Berlin this Wednesday morning. There are not that much information about the death reason, but it's been said his heart stoped due some poisoning. The 39 years old wrold know DJ had some problems with his health in the last time. We'll have to wait for some more information about this.

This legendary DJ did music history together with Rolf Ellmer a.k.a. Jam El Mar. Together they're known as Jam & Spoon and have created some unforgetable dancefloor hits like Right In The Night, Angel or Stella. With those tracks his enthusiasm and creativity on the music scene won't be forgotten.

He'll live forever with the music he's created
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  • vibemaster

    oooh, i'm shocked to read this. loved his dj-sets. this makes me very sad.

    12 jan. 2006, 17h01m
  • jokla

    I was shocked, too. I went to the clubnight site to see the playlist of the last weekends mix and then I read he's dead . . . It's always sad to hear that someone with such a hugh influence to the music scene is gone

    12 jan. 2006, 20h58m
  • hybridfan

    Legen jam&spoon were classic.

    1 avr. 2006, 10h28m
  • xaos01

    Man I'm crushed. Stella was the reason I started creating music.

    24 jan. 2008, 1h35m
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