20 Negative things about my twenty favourite bands.


28 déc. 2009, 20h40m

20. Girls At Our Best They only made one album, which is just plain lazy.

19. New Model Army They never found a bass player to match Morrow on the first few albums.

18. Queen Everything Brian and Rodger have done to the name Queen since 1995. I hate them and everything they represent. Don't get me started on Paul bloody Rodgers either. Free were never much cop.

17. Holocaust Where the hell have they gone? A killer album in 2003, then no gigs, no updates... they've just disappeared.

16. The Monochrome Set For not being around in the musical wasteland of 2009, when we need them the most.

15. Iron Maiden For playing the same uninspired setlists year on year. They've got one of the greatest back catalogues in rock and they give us Run To The Hills and the bloody Trooper again and again. How about some Caught Somewhere In Time or Only The Good Die Young guys?

14. Wall of Voodoo Happy Planet was naff

13.Helloween Where to start? Michael Wiekath and his happy clappy power hymn songwriting. Rabbit Don't Come Easy. Covering Sheer Heart Attack. Being generally naff since 1991

12.Leonard Cohen For describing Death Of A Ladies Man as 'horrendous' and refusing to play any of it live. Its his best album!

11. Therapy? For millennium era albums that came a little bit too close to power pop punk (ala Blink 182, Green Day etc) for my taste. But we won't hold that against them.

10.Madness For suffering from the same setlist disease as Iron Maiden

9.Hanoi Rocks For the remake of 'Don't Never Leave Me' on Two Steps From The Move. In fact, for most of that album. For not playing the likes of Cheyenne, Don't Follow Me and Ice Cream Summer live. For leaving us here cold and alone

8.Vain For not coming to scotland on their UK tour this year. Its a minor though, otherwise they cannot be faulted.

7.Rage Rage are just so unrelentingly solid and reliable. I don't think i can fault them.

6. Pulp

5.Rush Some of their nineties stuff was a bit guff.

4.Megadeth Dave Mustaine is a tool and has been since about 2001. Before that he was a legend and its embarrassing to see what he's become. I've said it before and i'll say it again... god and golf kill good musicians dead.

3.Killing Joke They should play Europe live and they should do it soon.

2.The Chameleons For the appalling butchery of their classic album covers on the remastered editions.

1.Blue Oyster Cult For kicking out Albert Bouchard. He was the true soul of the band, and they've never been as good since.


  • hellojill

    ha forgot to mention i love this blog. i should do my own version :-D

    8 mars 2010, 23h25m
  • jpeiper

    Some funny observations here, but true also. Enjoyed reading them.

    18 fév. 2011, 15h40m
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