3 oct. 2010, 2h07m

from a recent message shared with a good friend....


I CHOOSE to be happy - so I am - where I am. If I wait to find it- I never will....

I am happy watching two squirrels run around a tree or a bird fly lazily overhead. I am happy feeling the warm sun on my face. I am happy hearing and feeling a soft breeze rustle in the leaves.

I am happy when my wife smiles or I hug my sons or a baby laughs or a dove cries. I am happy when I hear children playing outside. I am happy when I can still breathe and see and hear and feel- whatever God lays before me.

And I am sad when I watch people be overcome by fear and anxiety and angst about things they cannot control.

So I go back to my simple happiness and spread it around whenever I can. :)

Doesn't always work- I have my days- but I try to pursue the good- to notice the joy and beauty that IS here around me.

For me- it is an active choice.
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  • demo-crassy

    Thank you xx

    3 oct. 2010, 19h37m
  • Mudduck

    Fear is the greatest limiter and used to control others. Choice is our greatest power. To choose to be happy is the first step. To choose to live without fear is the biggest step. Once that has happened all other choices become clear because the veil of control is lifted.

    23 oct. 2010, 5h37m
  • holly75

    It's the little things that a lot of people take for granted. True words....thanks for sharing John.

    23 oct. 2010, 12h42m
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