• Attention! Showing Obscure Tracks Love via Collaborative Tagging

    22 mai 2007, 11h02m

    Using Pure Track Tagging, cool little custom LFM stations can be created which play only streamable songs which need more attention from the listening audience here on LFM.

    Using the comprehensive guide here, for example, I've tagged all the tracks from my rolling 3-month chart that I've listened to more than once, and that are streamable, as attention 5k q2 07. (I guessed about it being Q2 '07, but I'm quite sure I didn't listen to any of those in Jan, Feb or Mar).

    Now more people might get to hear lush film score tracks like Journey to Blofeld's Hideaway.

    At the time of writing this, nobody else has used that tag and I don't have enough tracks within the tag to create a station. I would have used a weekly chart as the basis for my tagging but I don't seem to listen to enough streamable music in a given week.

    Give it a go. Push your obscure musical fetishes to a broader audience.
  • The Resofit - A Benefit for Resonance FM

    24 mars 2007, 16h43m

    Stewart Lee comperes a night of underground comedy in aid of Resonance's fundraising drive. Tickets are a reasonable 15 pounds.

    A fund-raising gala night for Resonance104.4fm - 'the best radio station in London' (The Guardian).

    "The bill reads like a who's who of left-field character acts. In the week of Teenage Cancer Trust's celeb-fest at The Royal Albert Hall come and see the Comedy Underground mining upwards for independent arts radio.

    Donate or become a "Friend Of Resonance" here.
  • Please, WTF?

    5 déc. 2006, 3h55m


    Wow, awesome cheese from Elton's album of one-word songs (Except for "Made In England", what's that all about? Should have just called it "England")*. Imagine if Elton John had written the theme to BBC ONE's hit soap, "Doctors". Wow. I hate this. I love this. Thanks, LFM radio player!

    *Made In England
  • Smash It

    16 juin 2006, 10h08m

    Help me!

    Can you identify this sample I'm obsessed with? It's a groovy tune that sounds like it's from an American game show. It's the chorus on Smash It and it's used as the theme tune to the Harmon e. Phraisyar Show (podcast feed)

    What is it called, who's it by and where's it from?
  • Name that tune/next line

    14 mai 2006, 15h00m

    Name That Tune is fun, isn't it?

    Here are the first line/few lines from the current 50 randomly-chosen tracks in my iTunes Party Shuffle playlist, excluding instrumentals and those whose lyrics I couldn't decipher.

    Tell me the name and the artist for each, via the comments. You can also give me the next line or lines.

    I will reveal correctly-guessed lyrics in the list by underlining them. The artists are listed as Connections at the bottom of this post and I'll also italicise them as they are guessed. (N.B. some artists have more than one track in the list.)

    Let's play! Have a fun!

    Oh, and looking up or web-searching for the answers is of course unsportsmanly and very much forbidden.

    1. D'you see the face on the TV screen coming at you every Sunday? Jesus He Knows Me
    2. The dreamer, the unwoken fool Eldorado Finale
    3. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it
    4. The Wheel of Fortune goes spinning around
    5. Right now you have the urge to eat something.
    6. How could I fall for someone so superficial?
    7. Everything is open, nothing is set in stone Driftwood
    8. Can you judge a man by the way he wears his hair?
    9. Well I've been an engine driver all of my days
    10. I'm slaving every day for my living, slaving so hard
    11. Every space man knows you just gotta have Hostess Twinkies along
    12. Can't buy me love, love Can't Buy Me Love
    13. I know something about opening the windows and doors
    14. But they did! Could you imagine a nursing home without a bedpan flusher?
    15. Fool, you've lost your way. Look to the stars to guide
    16. My mom loves nuts. Mushy nuts, black nuts.
    17. It barks at no-one else but me
    18. The S, the U, the P, the E, the R Super Sharp Shooter
    19. Please, Mr. Lacey, let me work your lovin' machine.
    20. The willow weeps and having wept can weep no more but still it weeps for me.
    21. Just ball, just ball, just ball, just ball, just ball, that's all
    22. Leave me in the morning, I'll be fine
    23. A fine young man it was indeed
    24. Now, we've got a letter here from Andy Catpee who says, "Can you play something romantic for my beautiful wife, Mangela?"
    25. I live by the ocean and during the night Anchor Song
    26. The ball of fire that sits beside him
    27. It's Christmas time but happiness is still so far away
    28. Who cares, who cares, who cares, who cares what I am saying?
    29. We hear a lot of talk about the ecumenical movement
    30. I met her at the Burger King Oh Oh I Love Her So
    31. Lost love, you're the one that lies in my arms
    32. When you go to a restaurant on the weekends, it's busy so they start a waiting list and they start calling out names The Dufrenes
    33. It's getting near dark when lights close their tired eyes.
    34. How come he don't come and P.I.P. with me?
    35. My old desk does an arabesque Good Old Desk
    36. Pretty Polly Possum, what's wrong with you?
    37. If there's an absolute white (and there is)
    38. Three-two-one-zero! Dipstick, trash bag, shatterproof glass
    39. Once upon a time, smack dab, right in the middle of America
    40. Now, folks, here's something else I got a problem with Why We Don't Need 10 Commandments
    41. Your flirt finds me out Possibly Maybe
    42. Up your mind, if you've got a mind.
    43. He's taking her away, he's acting like a general.
    44. Early one morning the sun was shining Tangled Up in Blue
    45. Wow, a team! Right. Thanks for getting together like this.
    46. Come on, come on, you think you'll drive me crazy
    47. I dig a pony I Dig A Pony
    48. Oo-oo-ooh I'm Bedazzled (I don't care)
    49. Remember the days we spent near the falling water?
    50. All the gang has gone home. Standing on the corner all alone

    Adam and Joe
    Bob Dylan
    DJ Zinc
    Dudley Moore
    Electric Light Orchestra
    Fairport Convention
    George Carlin
    Harry Nilsson
    Kay Starr
    Ken Nordine
    Lloyd Parks
    Martin Carthy
    Mitch Hedberg
    Neko Case and Her Boyfriends
    Nina Nastasia
    People Like Us
    Peter Gabriel
    Raymond Scott
    Rickie Lee Jones
    Simply Red
    Spitting Image
    The Beatles
    The Yardbirds
    Van Morrison
  • Buy This, You.

    9 mai 2006, 23h48m

    Because... you just gotta.

    Negativland - It's All In Your Head FM - Over The Edge Live On Stage.
  • Tobin Soup

    12 déc. 2005, 16h58m

    Did Amon Tobin license the tune to the soup company and later withdraw the license, forcing the soup company to create a slightly inverted version of the tune to sell their soup?

    Or, worse, has the advert music database got it wrong, and were the soup company using a slightly inverted but oh-so-similar version of the tune to sell their soup all along? It's been done before. And it's lame of companies to do it. Very lame.

    (I can't link to the actual advert but you've probably seen it if you watch more than an hour of commercial TV a week and live in the UK.)
  • Toto Hell

    12 déc. 2005, 16h43m

    First Attack from their silly rock-opera score for David Lynch's Dune reminds me of Robot Hell from the "Hell Is Other Robots" episode of Futurama.
  • Quoth The League...

    6 sept. 2005, 0h21m

    I decree that history shall be rewritten. This time without any punctuation so that it is just one long sentence linked together by the phrase, "and then what happened was..."

    It is said at the age of fifty-five each man becomes that which he most despised at the age of twenty-five. I live in constant fear lest I should become a badly-organised trip to Bournemouth

    Put on your dunces caps! Put on your dunces caps! Those caught not wearing their dunce's cap may be forced to sit at the front... and teach!

    The League Against Tedium
    Show 1
  • Moan-oh

    4 sept. 2005, 16h37m

    In which I review a classic episode of the mentalist radio drama, The Harmon e. Phraisyar Show, entitled, as far as I can tell, "Space Is Filled With A Myriad Of Monos".

    Mono as mono. Stereo as stereo. Mono as stereo. Stereo as mono.

    Harmon tells the story of when he was kidnapped (this happens to him a lot. Poor guy.)

    There is a funky remix of Bedazzled, the theme to the film, using a very short loop from the chorus. This is one of my favourite of the recurring sample-based segments from earlier shows. (Others include No. 6 Wins Village Election from the soundtrack to cult TV series The Prisoner, which accompanied a long series of episodes which parodied the show, using for their setting a world whose political atmosphere reminds one of a hyper-realistic version of the current UK government.)

    Harmon explains the technicalities of mono and stereo sound reproduction, using all the wrong words. Blustery voices complain about the apparent limitations of stereo (invented in the 1930s, "something that old must be crap") and wax lyrical about the joys of "moan-oh". "When you hear this noise," intones the voice, " ... broadcasting in mono has begun. Disconnect the red cable." It's a trick, of course: the mix continues in stereo and sounds far superior (I tried it at home and it's true.)

    The Harmon e. Phraisyar show is broadcast every Saturday at 18.30 and repeated Wednesday afternoons at 15.30 on London's non-profit community arts radio station, Resonance104.4fm. Programmes are not commercially released but there is a special edition compilation CD, made for Resonance's fundraising auction in 2003, available from their shop.Try Soulseek too.