the REAL riverside


2 sept. 2006, 18h35m

I see that there is a newer band from Poland that calls themselves Riverside, and heavy metal is their genre. Back in 1990 a wonderful band from Hershey Pa with incredible talent but really bad timimg released their first album ONE on Sire records. It was produced by the original keyboard player of the Ocean Blue and has a familiar sound to it. Those of you old enough to remember, 1990 was the end of shoe-gaze and indie-pop in North America and the beginning of grunge. The Ocean Blue by nature of their stature and large following survived this new onslaught of noise, fuzz and feed-back, but alas Riverside did not and they faded away into unknown obscurity a mere blip or footnote in the indie scene, but then a couple of years ago by popular demand they released the lost second album called TASTE. I had a cassette copy of this that I got from the band in the early 90's but it only had 8 songs. The new one is still available from the band directly at: Their first is still the best, capturing them at their freshest and most innocent, but this second one is very satisfying too.


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