I totally haven't done this yet - music shuffle quiz '08 botches


5 jan. 2008, 6h59m

Your wedding song: I Ran (So Far Away)
My husband is going to A) love me even more or B) leave me at the alter.

Your bf/gf song: Take Me to the Riot
Well, if my boyfriend turns out to be a drug dealer...

The Song That best describes your life: Keen on Boys
Wow, one that actually makes sense for once.

The Song That describes your first kiss: Cheap Rip-Off
Haha. And another one.

The Song That will be played at your funeral: Burn the Evidence

The Song That Best Describes your Childhood: Moonage Daydream
Pretty much, yeah.

The Song You Listen to When Your Mad: Bones
First of all, nice grammar. Second of all...no.

When Your Sad: Personal
This applies so much that it's not even funny.

When Your Happy: Scenic World
Makes sense.

When Your Excited: Light My Candle

When Your Stressed: Doctor Jones

The Song you listen to when your in love with someone: Saturday Morning
...Again with the grammar. And I guess this song could work.

The First Day Of School: Wild Horses
Actually, wild horses COULD drag me away.

The Last Day Of School: Young Americans
Aw, I love this song. It could work.

Fight Song: Darts of Pleasure
It's quite fun to picture a fight to this song, to tell you the truth.

Before The Big Game: Hellfire

When You See Your Crush: I Want to Hold Your Hand
Accurate. Minus the whole lesbian thing.

Song That Describes Your School: All the Little Pieces
All the little pieces are INFESTED WITH RATS AND TB!

Song that Describes Your Town: Suffragette City
I friggin' wish.

Song That Describes how you feel when your sick: Ain't No Easy Way
It's true.

The Song That Goes Through Your Head When Your Getting A Haircut: Run for Your Life
It's never happened, but this song is pretty damn catchy.

Song That Describes Your Favorite Teacher: On Top
No. No. NO. OH NO.

Song That Describes Your Religion: We Are the Sleepyheads
Yes, that happens to be my new religion.

The Song That You Air Guitar To: So Begins Our Alabee

The Song You Dance To: Hoodie
It's rather hard not to dance to.

The Song You Mosh To: Ain't Too Proud To Beg
I'm pretty sure The Temptations invented moshing. Look it up on Wikipedia, I'm serious.

The Song That describes Your First date: The Mistress Witch from McClure (or, The Mind That Knows Itself)
What's up With all The random Capitalization? Plus, if I heard this during a first date I would bawl my eyes out and he'd most likely leave.

Song You Think of When You wake up: Everybody's Changing
HAHA, can you imagine? I wake up every morning pounding the floor with my foot like Tim.

Song You Think of Before You Go To Sleep: love what you can
This is the perfect nightime song. Weird.


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