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11 mai 2011, 20h13m

This article was initially written for a Nas group the author created. To revert back to the group, click here

Mixtapes and Blends
Not all the mixtapes shown are "original" material...I just put as much mixtape covers I could find because 1) sometimes, the cover is better than the blended attempts themselves 2) mixtapes are a form of hip hop and just look at how many DJs paid their homage!

Not listing "fake" mixtapes where the "self proclaimed" DJ just takes already released tracks, crop it, rename it, do a lot of shout outs, and put it on a CD. It has to contain original blends or exclusive rare/unreleased material

Nas & Al Green - Almatic

American Legends

Best of Nas Limited Edition

Best of Nas pt 1

Best of Nas Vol 1

Nastradoomus - bonus disc

Can you flow? Instrumental rendition

Carry The Cross

Death of Escobar


Dirty Harry & Nasir Jones Livin Legends

DJ 31 Degreez & NaS El Dorado Black Project

DJ 31 Degreez Presents: NaS - Mr. Nasdaq

DJ Bobby Black Presents-Nigga (The Nasir Jones Story)

DJ Teddy King - Surviving the Times

Nas & AZ - Executive Decisions + deluxe A.Z.

Far East Project Nas Remix

Five Rappers Deep

Follow the Future Presents: Hits & Unreleased Vol I, II, & III

Freestyle Flava Vol II

God's Gangster

God's Stepson 9th Wonder

hip hop is read presents: the illmatic archives

hood opulent

Nas & Jay-Z - The Illmatic Blueprint

Stackhouse Recordings Presents: The lost Album (Jay-Z & Nas)

Library of a Legend

Lost Tapes 1.5

Lost Tapes 2 (unofficial)

The Lost Tapes Vol 2 (unofficial)

NaS & Marvin Gaye - Marvmatic

Mick Boogie God's Gift (Jay-Z & NaS) special edittion

The N...Resurrection of Hip Hop statik selektah

Nas' Finest Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 by J-Love

Nas-Hood Prophet Remixed By The Chemical Kick Drums

Nas, Madvillian, MF DOOM - I'm A Villian

Unreleased Tape 1 & 2

Nas & DJ Green Lantern: The Nigger Tape

Nas and Common Uncommonly Nasty (Remixed By Soul Supreme And Statik Selektah)

Nas and Jay-Z

Nas Greatest Hits: the mixtape

Nas illmatic remix

Nas is god's son: the 2nd coming w/ bonus disc 2

Nas is stillmatic: the mighty 1ne remix

nas verses vol 1

nas vs 50 Cent

nas: you can hate us now dj's beyond rest

new world order

Nick james presents: the nas remix

No apologies I & II

nothing but crowd vol 34

nas & Sade - one love deluxe

the passion of hip hop

please listen to my demo



the prophecy: beginning of the N statik selektah

prophecy vol 2 EP

Rare and remixed vol 1 & 2

real blends vol 1 the nas collection

The Resurrection 1 & 2

nas & J Dilla reeltalkblog presents the lost tapes Dilla

nas & Bob Marley - relatives abroad

that niggers crazy

The nigger tape

unreleased b-sides & collabs

Unreleased & Rare

mixtapes with NaS in it

Jay-Z - The American Gangsta Mixtape

...too many to name (refer to pictures above)

This article was initially written for a Nas group the author created. To revert back to the group, click here


  • jensyao

    that last mixtape with Nas and the chessboard is hilarious

    14 mai 2011, 21h35m
  • jensyao

    I think Nas' legitimate mixtapes (where he hosted) include 'the nigger tape,' and "living legends'...other ones to check out include Five Rappers Deep, hood opulent, Unreleased Tape 1 & 2, El Dorado Black Project, the prophecy 1 & 2, nas: you can hate us now dj's beyond rest, Nas' Finest Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 by J-Love, please listen to my demo, The Illmatic Blueprint, no apologies II...the rest are decent but were blended/complied by DJs without much consent

    19 juin 2011, 4h50m
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