• The Lazy Eights: Best Unknown Band from the Nineties?

    6 mars 2008, 17h25m

    Comparable to Dave Matthews Band, except the fiddle player plays mandolin as well, and they feature a banjo player too. The Lazy Eights in my opinion perform the smokingest cover of "Parchman Farm" ever. I saw them almost 10 times in the Reno/Carson-City area in the mid-late nineties, and its a damn shame these guys never got national acclaim
  • The Fabulous Poodles: Best forgotten band from the 70s?

    2 fév. 2008, 2h05m

    I'm writing this as I listen to and simultaneously burn to cd The Fabulous Poodles "Mirror Star" LP I loved so much as a teenager in the late 70s. Many of the tracks produced by The Who's John Entwistle, the Fab Poos were featuring the fiddle a half decade before Dexys Midnight Runners came out with "Come On Eileen"