• Windows, iPod, iTunes and Last.Fm

    24 mai 2012, 13h48m

    Hey, my first journal entry :) So exciting #not.

    I've noticed that lots of people have problem to scrobble songs from their iPods through Windows + iTunes + Last.Fm client. Well, I kinda make part of that crowd. I think I figured out a way to make it work, thanks to some reading I did in Last.Fm forums last night. I'll tell how I did it, but first, let me point out some interesting facts. They may not look interesting for you, but, sorry, I'm the one who's writing in this relationship.

    I was a bit anti-Apple. For some stuff I still don't think Apple products are better (Android >>>> iOS), but for others I must admit: the guys know how to do it. IPod is a good example. A 160 GB music player? Who else does it? I really tried hard to buy another portable music player, but they were all OP² (over power, doing things that I don't need to, and over priced). ITunes, however, sucks. A lot. I was getting used to a music player called MusicBee, which I found to be better than Winamp (and believe me, Winamp is awesome). Now I must use this thing to synchronize my iPod correctly and scrobble my songs when it wants to. Nonetheless, this synchronization between iTunes and iPod really fascinated me. I always worked hard to keep my music tags correct and synchronized between different sources (backup disk, pc music player, portable mp3 player, cell phone, blablabla). It was just impossible to keep rating, comments and play counts consistently. iPod and iTunes do that. I know, it's just a stupid field which must be recorded, but how come the same song, played in different media players, show different values? Why can't my rating be recorded in my music file? And that's how iPod and iTunes finally got me hooked, and that's why I don't intend to use other players to synchronize and scrobble my songs.

    That being said, let's see how things "worked" for me. First, my pc configuration:
    - Windows XP SP3
    - iPod Classic 160 GB Black
    - iTunes
    - Last.Fm (with iTunes plugin version -> I started using Last.Fm beta, but things weren't working, maybe I'll try it again someday.

    How did I configure my iPod/iTunes/Last.Fm:
    - Check the option "start iTunes when I connect my iPod" (or something like that)
    - Don't manage musics and videos manually. It may look pro, but it will make things harder for you.
    - Erase all the "Unknown" iPod associations in Last.Fm (if you ever tried to scrobble songs through help > diagnostics, you know what I'm talking about).
    - When unplugging your iPod, first close iTunes, then Last.Fm and then safely remove the iPod.
    - Don't listen to any songs in iTunes until the music scrobbling is over (verify that in your Last.Fm profile). It will just mess your charts and make Last.Fm scrobble some of the songs you're listening to twice, instead of scrobbling iPod songs.
    - Check the "always ask me about iPod scrobbling" (or something like that)

    Up til now, every time I connect my iPod it tells me correctly the songs I've listened to. Sometimes, however, it only scrobbles half (or less) of them. Still don't know how to solve that, but as soon as I get an answer, you'll know. I'm actually thinking about developing an iPod scrobbler myself, but that would take a lot of my (almost inexistant) free time. We'll see.

    EDIT: Just had the "I don't wanna scrobble all of your songs" problem. Then I erased ALL iPod associations, closed things in the right order, listened to some songs in my iPod, reconnected it and ta-dah, it scrobbled all the 10 songs I had listened too. Isn't this magical? :D