Soundtrack to my Life: Take II


3 avr. 2008, 2h35m

I haven't done this in a while, it's one of my favourite memes =)

Opening credits: The Blues Are Still Blue
Waking up: Bedhead
Average day: I Must Belong Somewhere
First date: I Hear the Bells
Falling in love: By My Side
Love scene: Cheap Like Sebastien
Fight scene: The Radiator Hums
Breaking up: A Great Assault #8
Getting back together: Four Leaf Clover
Secret love: On to You
Life's okay: Confessions of a Futon-Revolutionist
Mental breakdown: Stormy High
Driving: Snowed In/Cruisin'
Learning a lesson: Relative Surplus Value
Deep thought: Drinking in the Afternoon
Flashback: Darlin' Song
Partying: You're So Damn Hot
Happy dance: Penny For Your Thoughts
Regretting: It's For The Best
Long night alone: Goodbye Baby & Amen
Death scene: Sunshine
Closing credits: I Turn My Camera On


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