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  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    您好 Jay, you didn't scrobble for >5 months :-( isn't it time to make a comeback? ... btw: we've SUPER musical compatibility (1) + also we've 2 of our friends in common: iamlkyu and binaryriot. I discovered you while looking at the members of Cpop and since our music compatibility is: SUPER (1), I'd appreciate it when you accept my friend request here. Perhaps, listen first to my library (2). (1) artists in common: 王菲, 蔡健雅, 孫燕姿, 莫文蔚, 王若琳. (2) Feel free to *discover new music*: play my library

    décembre 2014
  • lolup

    im your fans,大学时候超喜欢你做的WP模板 :)

    octobre 2013
  • infilmity

    Your musical compatibility with jay0917 is SUPER :D

    juillet 2012
  • atan517

    你们共同喜欢的音乐包括 A-Mei Chang、Faye Wong、田馥甄、Tanya Chua 和 A-Lin

    mars 2011
  • atan517

    Your musical compatibility with jay0917 is Super Music you have in common includes A-Mei Chang, Hins Cheung, Stefanie Sun, S.H.E and 衛蘭.

    mai 2010
  • tinyau

    因為最近跳 Jazz Funk 係 Jason Mraz 嘅 Make It Mine 嘛。

    décembre 2009
  • iLEMONed

    why is coldplay so popular in hk..

    mai 2009
  • infilmity


    mai 2009
  • iearain

    您与 jay0917 的音乐投缘指数是:超级投缘 你们共同喜欢的音乐包括 陳綺貞、王菲、梁詠琪、蔡健雅 和 S.H.E。

    mars 2009
  • heartsmagic

    Here is another Youme fan ;)

    juin 2007
  • ilovepod

    hi there! i wonder if you'd like to join us.ChineseRulezzz!

    mai 2006